5 Advantages of Soft Water – Why it Matters for Your Laundry

Have you ever thought about the advantages of washing your clothes in soft water? If not or if you want an answer, you will find the complete information in this blog. Many times, you would have given your clothes to your Laundromat and no one would have told you that there are advantages of using soft water for laundry. If yes, you are among those, then for sure, you need to choose a Laundromat providing the Best Laundry Services in Austin.

Everybody at least for once has had favorite dresses and has seen as every round to the Laundromat stole a tiny life from those dresses until one day you might not justify handing over to them anymore. Before proceeding further, we are happy to introduce ourselves – we, Howdy Cleaners, are providing best dry cleaning as well as Best Laundry Services in Austin.

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Soft Water versus Hard Water

All you are aware of the minerals. So, these are the minerals that make water hard or soft. When there is a high amount of calcium and magnesium in water, the water is considered as hard. The term “Hard” may feel scary to you, but you will wonder to know that the water we drink is mostly hard. Just opposite to hard water, soft water does not contain minerals.

Why Soft Water is Preferred for Your Clothes

The best thing for your favorite dresses is to take bath in soft water. It is not that hard water is harmful to your clothes, but it is the extra advantages of soft water that makes soft water preferable. Below are the top advantages of soft water over hard water:

More Life with More Brightness

Clothes stay bright for longer when washed with soft water regularly. Hard water leaves minerals in the fabric making clothes dull and dingy.

More Power of Soft Water

Soft water is more powerful than hard water, so this lessens the requirement of using more detergent. You would be happy to know that ½ to ⅔ lesser detergent is required with soft water.

You may Get Rid of Skin Irritation

Washing with hard water could invite skin irritation problems if you are sensitive to chemicals or have any allergic problems. When detergent is left on towels, clothes, and bed sheets, then contact with your skin may result in chafing, redness, and dryness. If your Laundromat is using soft water, you may avoid these problems.

Cold Soft Water Give the Required Results

It is tougher to clean clothes with hard water, so warm hard water is used to clean the clothes finely. Also, as we discussed above, hard water leaves the minerals in the fabric, and those can be removed with the help of warm water. But when you use soft water same results can be obtained with cold water.

Keep Those Dresses Pristine!

Cleaning your favorite dresses in soft water is one of the greatest ways to maintain their pristine condition.

Cleaning your favorite dresses in soft water is one of the greatest ways to maintain their pristine condition.

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