Answer to All Your Question Related to Dry Cleaning that We Come across Every Other Day at Howdy Cleaners

So, we are writing down the best answers to your routine queries in this blog that our clients often ask us.

Should I Avoid Dry Cleaning My Clothes More often?

Why should I dry clean my clothes”? Or should I avoid frequent dry cleaning? Are these the questions that come to your mind many times? Let us tell you some science that will answer your questions. Putting on your clothes many times between washes can cause sticking ammonia, found in our sweat, on the fabric if these are not washed at right time. Think of those white or light coloured clothing that have changed to yellow colour over time, or the purple colour clothing that has changed to maroon colour–that is all the credit goes to ammonia. And ammonia may also damage those clothing even when you are not putting on them. Longer the ammonia stays on your fabric, higher the chances of staining your clothing.

Is This True That Washing Clothes with Hands is Safer than Handing Over Them to a Dry Cleaner?

You know that one dress that had such a beautiful vibrant colour when you first purchased it, but lost its colour, shining and freshness just after a few months of washing? If cleaning it with hand faded colours at such a fast rate, how would dry cleaning be any differ from it? You would be surprised to know that dry cleaning reserves colour for longer than a typical washing at home. Dry cleaning solvents are lighter as compared to water, allowing it to move through the clothing or any other fabric more delicately than a traditional washing at homes. Therefore, your clothes come back to you perfectly cleaned, ironed, and ready-to-wear, without any colour fading.

Does Dry Cleaning Leave a Bad Smell on my Clothes?

You may be one of those who are curious to get an answer for this. If your clothing comes back to you from the cleaner smelling like a body odour, chemicals, or worse, then it is time to search for the best dry cleaner. We are open to tell you why this happens? That chemical smell means the dry cleaner who you have selected is not waiting for enough time for the solvent to get completely removed, and if your clothes have a bad odour, the cleaner is using a dirty and used solvent. That means sweat, soil, or anything else trapped into your fabric coming from the dirty solvents.

Howdy Cleaners guarantees you to give back your clothes to you clean, fresh and ready to wear. Why? We use nature friendly solvents and state-of-the-art machinery. Your fabric will be clean and fresh without any bad smell, new stain or crease.

Howdy Cleaners is a dry cleaner and Laundromat you can trust. From suits to dress shirts, rugs, bridal gowns, and many other fabrics, we are there to keep your clothing looking as fresh as new. So, let’s find and try the best dry cleaner near you today!

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