Are Your Outfits for Christmas Ready?

The festive season is coming soon, so, the first thought on all your minds is to get everything ready so you can enjoy the holidays. Whether you have planned to go out with family or friends, or planned to invite all to your place, we, Howdy Cleaners, the Best Dry Cleaning Service Provider and Best Laundry Service Provider in Austin, have a top solution to shorten the hours of time wasted and that is washing, dry cleaning and ironing your favorite fabrics. From towels to beddings, daily wears and everything in-between with Howdy Cleaners you can get your laundry picked-Up (FREE), cleaned, dried, ironed and delivered to your doorstep (FREE)!

Suit up the Best

For sure, you want to suit up and look best in your festivities. You would want your dress or suit to look wrinkle-free, clean and smelling fresh when you go to a party or Christmas Mass. To fulfill all your requirements you may try our Best Dry Cleaning Service and Best Laundry Service in Austin.

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Place Your Precious Clothes in the Hands of Experts

It is not just the ability of our machines that sets Howdy Cleaners apart; it is also our complex and meticulous cleaning protocol, refined over many years in the dry cleaning and laundry business. Our phrases “Best Dry Cleaning Service Provider and Best Laundry Service Provider in Austin” are just not catchphrases, but reflections of the attention, care, and timeliness that we apply on every order we process.

Holiday garments are usually downright irreplaceable or delicate. Heirlooms and fragile items, of course, you cannot subject to everyday washing. Howdy Cleaners applies focused “Signature Service” to such fabrics, a methodology we develop on the basis of a given clothing, specific design and specific requirements.

State-of-Art Equipment at Howdy Cleaners

Here, at Howdy Cleaners, our dry cleaning and laundry facilities and expertise are second to none. We have equipped state-of-the-art machinery as well as the eco-friendly processes where we use a chemical-free solvent rather than the usual perchloroethylene. Availing Howdy Cleaners of the finest, most high-tech tools and protocols helps us list our services in the list of Best Dry Cleaning Service and Best Laundry Service in Austin.

Bonus Tips to Care for Your Party Outfits and Other Christmas Textiles

  • Dresses prepared from delicate fabrics such as velvet should be dry cleaned always
  • To remove dust from your stuffed toys, spin in the tumble dryer to knock off the dust.
  • Your tablecloth, decorated with many accessories, needs professional hands to clean them.
  • Christmas jumpers made with woolen will need washing by hand. Do not forget, if your jumper needs a facelift– many dry cleaners offer alterations and repair service.
  • Christmas tree skirts and stockings are handcrafted, so they should be treated carefully. Materials like velvet, felt or anything that structures needlepoint would need to be dry cleaned professionally.

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The festive holidays are messy enough without bothering about clothes. Let Howdy Cleaners take part of your stress off your plate and give you great-looking suits and dresses. We will show the fabrics the love they deserve!

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