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Howdy Cleaner’s Quick Guide to Be Summer Ready!!

same day dry cleaners

As soon as the weather gets warmer, you should pull out your summer dresses, rompers, and jumpsuits. Since you can only wear these clothes for a short time, you’ll probably wear them whenever you can. That is why the search for “same day dry cleaners near me” is so common on the internet during summers.

During the summer season, there are so many beautiful colours to look at. The trend is for clothing that is bright and interesting. Even though there is less of it, it may be just as hard to take care of your summer wear as it is to take care of your delicate cashmere sweaters.

same day dry cleaners

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You should take your good-quality seasonal clothes to a good-quality dry cleaner like Howdy Cleaners to make sure they last until next summer.

Get Ready for Summers!

1. Keeps your cloth clean and stain-free

Sweating helps you stay cool, but that sweating might ruin your summer clothes. Most of the time, bacteria are to be blamed for damage caused by sweat. Certain bacteria eat the parts of sweat that make it colour and smell bad. A new study says that deodorant is also a cause. Aluminium, which is often found in deodorant, reacts with molecules of sweat to make yellow streaks. When you opt for dry cleaning of summer dresses, rompers, and jumpsuits, germs do not have time to do any damage. The thing is you need to search for the best dry cleaners open near me, and the stain can be taken out of a piece of clothing at dry cleaners like Howdy Cleaners.

same day dry cleaners

2. Avoid too many clean-ups at home to prevent a damage to the fabric

You may need to wash your summer clothes more often because you spend more time outside, but the extra time in a rough washing machine at home could damage the clothes. If you wash your favourite summer dresses, rompers, and jumpsuits too often, they will not last as long as they should be. Also, using a clothes dryer may do even more damage to fabrics. Elastic waistbands, which are often found in rompers and jumpsuits, can break down at high temperatures. In such cases, when cleaning is required more frequently, you can search for 24 hours dry cleaners near me and take their help to avoid any damage.

Air-drying is also good for your clothing as well as for the environment, but if you leave them out in the sun for a long time, the colours will fade faster and your favourite clothing looks very dull after a short time span. UV rays will have an adverse effect after a few hours of exposure.

3. Be careful when you put on sunscreen

Sunscreen is important to protect parts of your body that are not covered by clothes, but it may damage the fabric of your clothes. Due to the dyes and oils in these sunblock products, colours of your clothing may run or fade, which can stain clothes. Make sure to wash your clothes well after putting on sunscreen to keep them from fading or getting stains. If you need to, dry cleaners can also get rid of these stains. You just need to look for the “same day dry cleaners near me”, life is so easy with the internet today.

4. Do not let dirty clothes pile up

During the summer, the heat can be hard on your clothes. When you play hard, dirt, sweat, and stains can get on your clothes quickly. Do not let your clothes get dirty by letting those stains sit. You need to wash them right away in the washing machine. If you do not have much time, search for a “24 hours dry cleaners near me”, they will pick up and drop off your clothes. That is a great way to keep your clothes clean and give yourself more time in the summer to do the things you like.

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5. Keep thin and fragile things safe

Even though there are claims to the contrary, only trained professionals should clean some materials. Silk, chiffon, lace, and other delicate fabrics are often used for summer clothes, especially wedding gowns and other items.

A professional dry cleaner is the only one who can get rid of stains and keeps the colours in great shape. Summer is a great time to wear long skirts, stylish rompers, and fun jumpsuits. Howdy Cleaners’ quick pickup service can clean your summer favourites so you can wear them again next summer.

Bonus Tips to Take Care of Your Clothing During Summer!

Howdy Cleaners can help you organise your summer clothes. Do you want to know how to keep your summer clothes in good shape for next summer? Follow these tips to take care of your summer clothes and keep them in good shape.

  • If you need to store expensive or fragile clothes, you should use cotton garment bags. No one should ever use plastic bags.
  • Dry lavender or cedar balls can be used to keep your summer clothes smelling nice between uses. Because of this, insects and other pests will not be able to get in.
  • Keep an eye out for humidity problems if you keep summer clothes in the basement. This could cause mold and rot to grow on your summer clothes.
  • Sort and arrange your clothes before putting them away. You might not need all of them.
  • Vacuum-sealed bags may help you save space when you need to store big pieces of clothing.
  • Keep the clothes away from the sun.
  • Use the right hanger for delicate clothes.
  • Pick a place in your house that is cool, dark, and dry to store your summer clothes and accessories.

Not only should you put away your summer clothes when you’re not wearing them. The first step is to search for dry cleaners open near me and then have their dry cleaning services. To keep your summer clothes safe, you will need to do the right things at the right time.

Ways to Preserve the Kids’ Uniforms!

Ballet, karate, netball, cricket, and soccer are just a few of the sports that your children participate in on a daily basis. How difficult it is to maintain your children’s uniforms clean and fresh for more than a day, every parent knows all too well!

As they prepare to go back to school, it is natural to worry about your children’s health and well-being. Some tips we want to share with you in this blog as a responsibility of best dry cleaners in Austin. You can also approach us for laundry and dry cleaning services and experience why we are among the best dry cleaners in Austin.

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Consider the following tips!

Use of white vinegar

White vinegar may be used as a substitute for rubbing alcohol.

Put 12 glasses of white vinegar in the washing machine and run it through it. Your clothing will remain soft and supple as a result of this additional step in the washing process.

Turn the shirt around

Before cleaning your child’s uniforms, flip them inside out. There is a guarantee that the colors will not fade.

Avoid the sun’s rays at all costs

Take care while drying the uniform in direct sunshine. Dry the uniforms on a line in the shade instead.

Washed with cold water

Use cold water to prevent the colors from bleeding while cleaning school uniforms, since they are often washed. If you are washing uniforms in a machine, choose a gentle, cold-water cycle.

Wash clothing separately

Wash the clothing in a separate machine load whenever possible. Colors of other clothing may bleed and stick to the uniform if washed in the same load with ordinary clothing. As a result, it is best to wash them one at a time.

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Gentle detergent

A mild detergent is suggested for washing your children’s uniforms due to the frequency with which they are used. It is gentle and will protect the color of your outfit.

You will thank us later if you follow these tips! These tips may help you keep your child’s school clothes pristine all year long. With the best dry cleaners in Austin, the Howdy Cleaners, you get the service that simplifies the chore of maintaining uniforms, isn’t the most exciting one news.

When is the Best Time to Launder Linens and Bedding?

Items of linens and bedding should be cleaned at different intervals depending on their condition. Even if there is not a set guideline, there are a few recommended practices by the best laundromat in Austin, the Howdy Cleaners, to keep in mind. And being the best laundromat in Austin and best 24-hour dry cleaners, we invite you to approach us anytime.


How often should you wash your down comforter? If you do not have a duvet to shield it, wash your bedding every one to two months if it has not been soiled. A duvet may be washed a couple of times a year. Consider aspects including the number of people in the bed, the existence of pets, and your sensitivity to irritants while washing your bedding. You can wash the comforter in the washing machine. Your washing machine has to be spacious to accommodate both of them. If you are washing sheets and a comforter at the same time in a smaller machine, you may not get them as clean as if they were done separately. If you are not sure how to handle those, you can look for the best laundromat in Austin.

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Because they are in direct contact with your skin and clothes, it is recommended that you wash your sheets at least once a week to keep bacteria, dust mites, grime, body oils, and allergies at bay. You may also need to wash your sheets every five days if you have dogs or small children, live in a sandier area where more debris is carried into your bed, suffer from dust allergies, and so on. Over-washing is a waste of time; instead, be mindful of your surroundings and the importance (and joy!) of cleanliness.


Due to their ease of cleaning and reduced weight, duvet covers are great for keeping your bedding fresh between washes. Wash your duvet on a regular basis.

Pillow Covers

When it comes to your bed, pillowcases should be the most often washed item. When you sleep, your hair, skin oils, and other particles naturally press into the fibers of the pillowcase. For those with skin conditions like acne or allergies, you should wash your pillowcases at least once every five to seven days.

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Visit Howdy Cleaners -the best 24-hour dry cleaners and laundry services in Austin, Texas.

How to Clean Your Wedding Dress of Any Stains?

wedding dress dry cleaners Austin

All you have to do now is choose the perfect wedding dress and incorporate it into the rest of your wedding plans. Unfortunately, sometimes, a stain appears on the garment that is as noticeable as a flashing neon sign. Do not be alarmed as stains on a wedding gown may be cleaned even at the last minute with this guide by Howdy Cleaners, the best dry cleaners. If you ever face this situation, you can trust as we have made a top place in the list of best dry cleaners with our consistent good outputs.

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Removal Methods for Stains

To remove a stain, do not rub it. A stain on your wedding gown may be removed by blotting. Instead of distributing it, you may soak it up. Gently press the stain with a white towel or cloth. To clean up a spill, switch to a new cloth or towel every few seconds. Stain may be any, so hacks are accordingly:

Red wine: Use a white towel to absorb the most wine. Dab gently with a white cloth soaked in simple warm water from the stain’s outside edges inward. Cover stains with chalk or baby powder.

Oil: Soak the stain in baby powder, wait for 15 minutes, then gently brush it away. Repeat as needed. Dabs of rubbing alcohol from the stain’s edges to the stain’s center. Cover stains with chalk or baby powder.

Ink: Begin by wiping the discoloration with a cotton swab soaked with rubbing alcohol. Work softly and refresh the swab often as the ink transfers. Blot the area with a white cloth. Cover the garment’s underside with additional white cloth to help absorb ink. Cover stains with chalk or baby powder.

After the Wedding Cleanup

After the wedding, you will want to take your dress to a preservation-cleaning specialist. To ensure that your wedding dress is cleaned and preserved in the best possible way, inquire about the best dry cleaner’s procedures and practices. Conservation procedures must be chosen carefully since the dress’s delicate materials and complex construction need special care.

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When it comes to dry cleaning and laundry, Howdy Cleaners is revolutionizing the business. In Austin, we provide a wide variety of dry cleaning and laundry services that are performed using the most up-to-date methods

Which is Best: Liquid Detergent, Powder Detergent or Laundry Pod?

Though all the detergents are meant for fight against stains and dirt on the clothes, choosing the form of detergent depends on the type of stain and intensity of the stain. Powder detergents are in use for many years and still being used traditionally without knowing that laundry pod or liquid detergents can be a better choice for effective cleaning.

This blog, we have written based on our personal experience at Howdy Cleaners, as many times our clients ask us for the difference: liquid versus powder detergents. Being the best Laundromat, we take the responsibility of communicating the right information to all of you.

Powder Detergent

  • Better cleaning than soap bars
  • Recyclable packaging
  • More fragrance
  • Can leave traces on the clothing
  • Powder detergent could also leave traces in the drawer that makes the drawers dirty
  • The powder does not dissolve fully most of the time in cold water
  • Carrying big and hefty cartons may be tough

Liquid Detergent

  • It is simple to use
  • Liquid detergents dissolve instantly and forms lesser foam
  • Liquid detergent helps in the removal of stains more easily
  • Liquid detergents help in conservation of water
  • Delicate fabrics can be washed using liquid detergent to avoid any damage to those
  • Cost is higher
  • Easy to over or under dose

Laundry Pods

  • Different technologies of cleaning can be incorporated
  • Lightweight, simple to handle
  • Ideal for the crippled or elderly
  • No measurement is required and that make these quite convenient
  • Because there is no under or over dose, the effects are consistent every time
  • Hazard for pets or small children
  • Priciest choice per load

Powder Versus Liquid Detergent – Cost Comparison

When comparing the cost of liquid versus powder detergent, then powder detergent is cheaper than liquid detergent. But in bigger families, oily & greasy stains on the kids’ clothing is commonly seen and that makes liquid detergent of choice as liquid detergent is more effective in removing stains.

The best Laundromats near you are experts in choosing the right detergent for your clothing. You can leave the decision on them without making any doubt. So, we would be glad to get approached by you and get the opportunity to serve you fresh, fragranced, clean and stain free clothes. Thousands of our customers are connected to us for many years and want to be part of Howdy Cleaners satisfactory clients’ group for longer. We see you next.

What is the Right Amount of Detergent For Your Laundry?

Might be, you are not aware that you are using excess detergent per load. Being the best laundry service provider, we are going to give you some tips. Look below and take an idea if you are among the excessive users of detergent:

  • Are there some residues of detergent left on washed fabric?
  • Are your colourful clothes looking faded?
  • Does your white clothes seem grey?
  • Does your high-efficiency washer smell really, really bad or seem musty?
  • Does your clothing feel sticky or soapy?
  • Does the fabric feel scratchy or stiff?

Right Amount of Detergent!

The right amount of detergent you need to use per load of laundry is based on the below factors:

  • Type of washing machine you are using
  • The size of the load
  • The level of dirt or dust on the fabric
  • The hardness of water that is being supplied in your home: hard water or soft water
  • The stated detergent concentration (2X, 4X, or 6X).

In general, use an equal detergent amount you would use for a full load of laundry for heavily stained clothes even if you have pre-soaked those clothes. When clothes are not very dirty and load is light, one teaspoon of powdered or liquid detergent is sufficient per one gallon of water.

Fundamental of Using Detergent in Washer with High Efficiency

  • In top-load or front-load high-efficiency washers, much less water is consumed, so you need to use less detergent. Overdosing may leave traces of detergent in your clean clothes. You should be careful and follow below instructions:
  • If you are being supplied with soft water in your area, use even lesser detergent. If it is hard water, you need to use 25% more detergent per load.
  • For a high-efficiency washer, the right amount of liquid laundry detergent with 2X power is two teaspoons, with 4X power is one teaspoon, and with 10 X power is 1/4 teaspoon an approximately 12-pound weight of laundry.
  • If your clothes are soiled exceptionally, it would be great to pre-soak the load and then put it in the washer, you should avoid adding extra detergent for pre-soaked load.
  • If you use a pre-measured packet, you need to use only one packet per load. You should adhere to label usage instructions.

If you are not in love with doing laundry and the boring process of measuring detergent amounts, you can choose the best laundry service provider around you. The best laundry service provider in your area is the one place solution for all your laundry problems.