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How to Take Care of Your Pillow Covers?

Pillow Cover

If you think your laundry contains only the things you wear, then you are wrong. Laundry comprises many more things including curtains, table clothes, cushion covers, bed sheets, pillow covers, and much more. You can do your laundry at home easily, but when it is about heavier ones, it can be a scary task for you. In that case, you can take help from the best laundry service provider. Pillows are the much needed things in your bedroom to take rest and add to the aesthetics of your room.

Howdy Cleaners, the best laundry service provider in your city, is going to provide you some tips on how the care your pillows:

Tips for Washing Your Pillow Covers with Hand

Many things you need to take care of are there when you are going to wash your pillow covers by hand. Some pillow covers made up of delicate fabrics need to be washed with hands only.

  • Use slight warm water, but check for the fabric first.
  • To scrub off the stains or dirt using a sponge, use mild detergents only.
  • While rinsing the pillow covers, replace the dirty water with clean water many times to wash off the detergent completely.
  • Before drying, squeeze the pillow cover delicately.
  • Dry your pillow cover in a place that is well-ventilated and before hanging them for drying make them inside out.

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Tips for Washing Your Pillow Covers in Machine

When the fabric is silk, cotton polyester, or linen, it is suitable to wash your pillow covers in the machine.

  • Use cold water with a temperature below 40oC. Avoid using hard water as it may lead to color fading.
  • Before putting the pillow cover in the machine, make them inside out to avoid color fading. If you have doubt that your pillow cover may bleed color, you can check with the patch test by soaking the corner of the pillow in water and see whether it bleeds or not. If it bleeds you need to take help from the best dry cleaners near you.
  • Sort the pillow covers according to the colors.
  • Set the machine cycle gentle or delicate

The main thing you need to take care of is reading the instruction tag before going for any type of washing. Most good quality pillow covers have an instruction tag that can help you a lot. If you require any help getting your pillow covers washed, download the Howdy Cleaners App and you could access the best laundry service provider.

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Howdy’s Basic FAQ on Troubleshooting of Your Dryer

You still might be doing certain things that may be impacting your dryer while doing your laundry at home even after you know how to use a dryer?

Howdy Cleaners has compiled the common queries that we come across in our day to day life on the dryer’s functioning, so now you will get a solution to all your doubts from the best dry cleaners in Austin.

Question 1: Can I Use the Same Cycle for All Types of Clothes?

Selection of the cycle depends upon the type of fabric, so to make the things easy it is important to sort your clothing before putting them in the dryer. The reason is – some fabrics need mild drying cycles while some fabric needs a heavy drying cycle. When done in another way, your fabric could come out wrinkled or shrunken. We advise you to look into the machine owner’s manual and see there for the proper drying cycles needed for specific fabrics. If you are not sure, hand over your stuff to the best dry cleaners near you.

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Question 2: Am I Overloading My Dryer? How Do I Know?

When you put laundry beyond the limit in your dryer, your dryer may get overheated, increase the dry cycle’s duration, cause wrinkles in clothes, and many more unwanted things. You need to fill the drum up to 75% of the dryer’s capacity; this will allow cool and easy movement of the stuff in it and ensure proper air flow into the clothing.

Question 3: Can I Use Fabric Softeners and Dryer Sheets and Together?

Fabric softeners and dryer sheets contain surfactants that cover the inner side of the dryer drum. These surfactants tend to choke the drum of your dryer, moisture sensors, lint screen, and vent systems. It is highly recommended not to use these together, instead use one or another.

Question 4: Do I Need to Clean the Lint Screen After I Use the Machine Every Time?

Build-up of lint on your lint screen may prevent sufficient air flow in the machine. If it is left as it is, it increases the duration of dry cycles, sticks the lint on other fabric, overheats your dryer, or even may cause a risk of fire. So, it is good to refer to the owner’s manual as your dryer might not be the same as the others.

We hope you got answers to all your questions that come to your mind usually. Howdy Cleaners provides a professional laundry service, therefore offering the best laundry services in Austin. You just need to download our Laundry Mobile App and take advantage of our most affordable laundry prices in Austin.

Does Your Clothing Smell Bad? Know How to Turn Those to Good Smelling!!

Have you ever analyzed why clothes smell bad even after not wearing those for longer or just after washing? Reasons could be any, but it is sufficient to put you off your mood. Howdy Cleaners are going to provide some hacks to keep your clothes smelling fresh. We have been providing best dry cleaning services for many years and are listed in the list of best dry cleaning services providers in the city.

During Washing Cycle

One of the main causes of bad smell in the clothes is the moist conditions of the washer. To prevent your fabric from any damage and keep it clean, set your relative wash cycles based on the frequency you put on your clothes. When washing your fabric, you can opt for essential oils and scented detergents. Take out all your stuff from the washer without a delay as soon as the set wash cycle is complete.

During Drying Cycle

Allow to dry your clothes properly in the open air or in a hot dryer. Make sure the fabric is completely dry before you place them in the cupboard. Otherwise, your clothes will become prone to mildew attack. While drying, you can also use a few drops of essential oils or fragrant dryer sheets. Moreover, it is necessary to clean your dryer after regular intervals.

While Storing

When you place your clothing in your closet, keep a few scented sachets along with the fabric. If you do not have scented sachets, you can use a few drops of essential oil on a clean fabric or take scented cotton balls and place them in your wardrobe.

During Organizing

The big mistake that many of you make most of the time is putting your used and washed clothes in a single closet together. The bad smell from the used clothes may have an impact on the freshness of the clean clothes and results in all your clean clothes smelling bad too. Always separate your dirty clothes from the clean clothing. Plus, when your clothing is damp, avoid putting them in your laundry basket.

The science behind trapping the freshness of the fabric, typically, is limited to highly professional best dry cleaning services providers only. We at Howdy Cleaners provide the best laundry services in Austin. Our best laundry services not only provide you quality services but also the most affordable laundry prices in Austin. You just need to download our Laundry Mobile App, click on the make an appointment and book your appointment today within seconds!

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A Brief Guide to Prevent Yellowing of White Clothes

A beautiful white dress is only gratifying when it remains as white as you purchased it. Its yellowing is indeed the most upsetting part in your graceful closet.

Causes of Yellowing of White Clothes

The overuse of chlorine-based bleach causes yellowing of the fabric. Synthetic fibers such as microfibers, nylon, and polyester are favorite prey to bleach that causes the fibers loosening thus turning white synthetics to yellow. Even on cotton fabric, overuse of bleach could be the real cause for turning whites to yellow. Chemical-based detergents are also the reason for yellowing the white fabrics due to its harshness.

A best Laundromat would suggest you wise advice of switching to organic detergents that we use at Howdy Cleaners.

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Below are the best ways form the best Laundromat using which you can brighten your whites to its true color:

1. Take an Advantage of the Natural Source, the Sun

When it is free, why not take full advantage? Once you wash and rinse your all white clothes, hang them under the direct heat of the sun. You need to skip the dryer. Sun acts as a natural cloth whitener in its fully blooming heat. The reason is the UV rays of the sun that are able to break any chemical bond. Thus, hanging your fabric under the sun prevents any type of discoloration.

2. White Vinegar

White vinegar is known to be a life saver in the world of laundry. It is the least harmful but most effective solution for bleaching and also is a fabric softener that makes your fabric look fleecy.

Just mix half cup of white vinegar, 1/4th cup of lime juice, and warm water to a container. Soak your fabric for about half an hour in this solution and then wash them normally.

3. Citrus

Citrus not only keeps your clothes white but makes them shining and glowing. What do you need to do? It is very easy. Only half a cup of lemon juice is to be mixed to 1 gallon of hot water. Now put your clothes into this mixture and leave for an hour. If needed, soak overnight. After putting off your clothes, you can reuse this mixture by adding this to your washing machine. Clean your clothes in the normal way you do and leave to dry.

You can try these hacks easily at home and prevent your favorite one turning yellow. Make sure your clothes do not have the tag of “dry clean only”. If it is, you need to approach the best Laundromat.

The Right Way to Wash Your Baby Clothes – Some Useful Tips

Dry cleaners near me

The welcome of a baby is not only loaded with happiness but at the same time it is also full of responsibilities to keep your baby happy, healthy and safe. One of the things to keep your baby safe is washing their clothes properly. If you are seeking any laundry help in Austin, the best laundry services providers, the Howdy Cleaners, welcomes you.

To get some useful tips, keep reading this blog.

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Hand Wash

Before you go washing your baby’s clothes, make sure your hands are bacteria-free. Wash your hands thoroughly and sanitize them. Your baby’s clothes are delicate so always use soft cold water to wash those to prevent any kind of damage.

Use Organic Detergents

Your baby’s clothes require to be taken extra care of not because they are delicate but also for the wellbeing of your baby. So do not use harsh detergents overloaded with chemicals, rather go for a mild detergent. Most daily use detergents come with chemicals, fragrances, or dyes that might cause allergies to your baby’s skin because it is extra delicate. So make sure you buy an organic detergent or mild detergent and these are easily available in the market.

Check the label

Always remember when there is a tag on your baby’s clothes, it is there for a purpose. So you need to consider it. The best idea is to follow the instructions present on the tag. If it is “dry clean only” handover it to the best dry cleaner near you. Or if you are not sure how to handle the delicate clothes, then also hand over those to the best laundry services providers.

Look for the Stains

It is expected that your baby has many fluids coming out of them. But to get rid of stains from these liquids may be challenging as they smell bad and sometimes may be stubborn. In case these are poop stains, soak the fabric in mild hot water and then put a couple of drops of lemon juice in it. Then clean the clothes from the stained area and wash away any remains by brushing with a brush, you can also use an old toothbrush.

Or take help for your laundry from the best laundry services providers. To avail this facility, you need to download the Howdy Cleaners Mobile App. Howdy Cleaners provides the most reasonable laundry services in Austin.

Howdy Cleaners Are Going to Tell You How Does a Best Dry Cleaner Work?

Dry cleaning, unlike regular washing, uses a liquid solvent instead of water and soap to clean your clothes. Dry cleaning uses a solvent that contains little or no water. The best dry cleaners like Howdy Cleaners utilize computerized dry cleaning machines. The liquid solvent used evaporates faster than water, enabling your clothes to dry faster.

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Tagging on clothes to avoid any confusion

The best dry cleaning services attach an identifying number to each object. Tags of paper are attached to the garments by certain cleaners. Others utilize an iron-on strip with a permanently allocated barcode for frequent clients. Clothing with similar stains from various clients is cleaned together and tagging guarantees that your clothing is returned to you.

They inspect your clothes properly

Items left in pockets, rips, tears, and missing buttons are checked before garments are cleaned. These products are returned to buyers, and any flaws are indicated as issues that were discovered before cleaning.

You get extra job done – solution for your stained clothes

Before the solvent cleaning procedure, the best dry cleaning services inspects the garments for stains and treatments them as part of the inspection process. If you know what created a stain, telling the cleaner about it can help you receive the greatest results throughout the stain removal procedure. A professional cleaner will also remove or cover delicate buttons and trim them to avoid harm.

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They use high-tech dry cleaning machines

The clothes are gently stirred in the high-tech machine. Afterwards, the machine, and a new cleaning solution is used to rinse away the debris. The machinery used to wash the clothes is also utilized to dry them. The chamber is filled with warm air and circulated throughout. The heat destroys any leftover solvent.

Special care for stubborn stains

Because of the chemical solvent, the dry cleaning procedure effectively removes oil-based stains. On the other hand, other forms of stains are not always easily removed. As a result, all items are spotted after that to check for any lingering stains. The stains are cleaned with steam, water, or even a vacuum to eliminate any lingering remnants by best dry cleaning services.

And the process does not end here, finishing gets done also

Steaming or pressing creases, reattaching buttons, and performing repairs are examples of this. The garments are then folded properly and returned to the client. The plastic bags supplied are merely to assist you in getting your garments home without causing further stains. If you don’t remove them straight away, you risk damaging your garments due to stored moisture.

You spend money on your wardrobe to ensure that your items are of the highest quality and will last you for many years. If you take excellent care of them, you can expect your wardrobes to last for many years to come. However, you’ll need the assistance of the best dry cleaners like Howdy Cleaners if you want to protect your priceless possessions. To learn more about any of our services, including dry cleaning pick-up and delivery, please don’t hesitate to contact us.