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Don’t Like Ironing? Follow These Tips to Get Rid of Wrinkles

For those who do not like ironing, these tips will help you maintain your clothes wrinkle-free. When you wash and dry your clothing, everything starts. It is good to know that removing wrinkles from clothing does not always need an iron. In reality, there are a plethora of time- and effort-saving clothing maintenance solutions like going to a good dry cleaning service providers. But sometimes, you will not even have to go to the dry cleaners, and you won’t have to spend much money.

Preventing wrinkles from appearing in the first place is the most straightforward method of doing so. After all, clothes do not just wrinkle on their own. To avoid wrinkling, do not dry your clothing for longer than they need to be in the dryer and then pile them up to cool. It is best to fold or hang garments as soon as they come out of the dryer in order to avoid wrinkles.

How to prevent wrinkles while wearing clothes

  • Ensure that your clothes are dry before putting it on.
  • If still ironing, apply a little starch to give your clothes a more professional look.
  • Pull your clothes in at the waist as you sit down.
  • Avoid putting heavy stuff near or on your clothes.

Purchase clothing that fits you best

If the fabric is excessively tight, your body will naturally create wrinkles in it. So it is best to buy best fit clothes. As quickly as possible, store your freshly dry-cleaned clothing. Between washing and putting the items away, wrinkles are common.

Make sure you shake them out well before hanging them up

As soon as you got your clothes dry cleaned from the best dry cleaning services near me like Howdy Cleaners, give them a good shake to remove any wrinkles that may have formed during the drying process. As soon as they dry, fold your garments so that you may wear your smooth clothes every day!

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When drying, add some ice cubes

This may seem odd, but it works wonderfully on stubborn carpet dents and wrinkled clothes. Remove wrinkles by running clothing through the dryer on high heat with two ice cubes. This de-wrinkling steam may be used to iron your clothes in the dryer.

Clothes may either be folded or hung at any time

Dress shirts and linen fabrics, for example, must be draped to prevent wrinkles. Folding knit sweaters, for example, is the proper way to store them while not in use. Or checkout best dry cleaning services near me like Howdy Cleaners.

Find a good dry cleaner

If you work in an office with a dress code or often attend social gatherings requiring formal wear, you may need to visit dry cleaning service providers on a regular basis. When it comes to finding a trustworthy dry cleaning in your neighborhood, it is not easy. After all, you are handing up your clothes to the dry cleaners, which is an extra expense that might have an effect on how you feel and look throughout the day. But with dry cleaning service providers like Howdy Cleaners you can rely on the best.

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Top 5 Things to Keep in Mind When Using a Laundromat

We recognize that doing laundry is not exactly thrilling and while washing laundry may not be the most enjoyable activity, there are several simple things you can do to help speed up the process. Nobody likes going to the Laundromat or communal laundry. But there are ways to make laundry trips quicker, easier, and even cheaper. Looking for best laundry services near me? Check out Howdy Cleaners.

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Below you will learn the top 5 things to keep in mind when using a Laundromat:

Bring detergent

It is not only about speeding up the washing and drying process to save time at the laundry. It is also about having everything you need to avoid delays and forgetting your detergent. If this happens, you will need to return home or go to the nearest store. Fortunately, some Laundromat provides soap and other laundry supplies in vending machines. While this removes the need to go out and purchase detergent, it adds time to your schedule. If you want to save time, bring your detergent.

Use of multiple dryers

If you want to save time at the laundry, you may always use several dryers to dry your clothes after washing them. Putting a large load of wet clothing in the dryer may take longer to dry. Your clothes will be dryer after dividing them into two or more dryers. Of course, you’ll have to pay for each dryer you use, but the convenience may be worth it. If you go to the best Laundromat near me, make sure there are enough available dryers, so others do not have to wash their clothing longer.

Bring coins or a reloadable cash card

Lots of coin-operated washers and dryers take quarters. You may break money in the wash if needed. Many best laundry services near me now offer loyalty card programs that enable you to pay by swiping your card. Decide on your payment method and set aside money for an extra load or two. You will thank yourself if the detergent does not rinse or the clothes do not dry.

Bring sanitizer and wipes

When you touch your dirty clothes, you may need to wash your hand. Clean up when you touch surfaces where someone else’s clothes have been. Bring a way to clean yourself and the things you use. You do not know who else has used your best Laundromat near me equipment’s before.

Home laundry sorting

Instead of first searching and going to the best laundry services near me, sort your laundry at home to save time and space. You will arrive at the laundry feeling more organized and ready to grab machines and start loads. Sort the whites and darks into pillowcases or colored laundry bags. Having enough of the proper change also saves time. Change machines often fail, and other users may not be eager to share. Prepare yourselves!

There are many laundry tips, but following these top five can help you save time at the Laundromat. Choose Howdy Cleaners if you are searching for best Laundromat near me. So you may spend less time doing laundry and more time accomplishing your goals!

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How to Separate Your Laundry for the Best Results

Laundry Separation Strategies and Techniques Before Going to a Best Laundry Service

The less stress you put yourself and your washing machine through, the better off you will be when it comes to doing the laundry. Sorting the clothes seems like the easiest step, doesn’t it? Wrong. Sorting is the most time-consuming and challenging part of washing. Incorrect sorting may lead to the damage of garments and damage to machinery as well. If done effectively, you may save the time, efforts and the cost of sorting. Keep in mind that just because you are paying for your laundry does not absolve you of any responsibilities. There are a few things you need to do or prepare before shipping or dropping off your clothes to the best laundry services provider like Howdy Cleaners.

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Analyze the label

It is possible that you would not have to go through this process every time you do laundry if you are used to doing it that way. This is also an important step if you are teaching a kid how to do laundry. The care instructions for each item in the hamper should be checked. Machine washable items include labels that tell you how to wash them and dry them, if applicable. Any items labeled “wash separately” or “hand wash only” should be put into their pile.

Clothing color sorting

When dry cleaning, garments with dark hues are more likely to have dye leaks. Do not mix the bright and dark colors of laundry in the same load to avoid ruining other things. Wash dark-colored clothing, such as indigo jeans or red hoodies, separately from light-colored garments for the first few washes or may be for all washes.

Make a color-coded stack and inspect the following sub-piles:

  • The best Laundromat and dry cleaning service should be used for items that cannot be washed in the machine at homes.
  • Linens including bedding goods such as sheets, comforters, and towels.
  • T-shirts, socks, underwear, and other everyday necessities.
  • There are two types of denim: jeans and denim jackets.
  • Exercise clothing including gym clothes and active-wears.
  • Underwear, silk, and other delicate items should be washed in a gentle detergent.

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Go through all of your pockets

It is a good idea to have a bowl nearby where you may keep your pockets’ belongings. If you do not check your pockets, you might wind up with lipstick, mobile phones, essential documents, or even money, so be careful.

Many people seek the help of best Laundromat like Howdy Cleaners because they lack the time and energy to do their laundry. It is reasonable that you may not always be there to monitor the pick-up or delivery of your laundry. Therefore, you should go for a best Laundromat who provide you the pickup and delivery service per your comfort.

Additionally, the best laundry services provider needs to know if there are any changes to your laundry service contract. To save time, have someone you can rely on to pick up your dirty laundry and give back clean and fresh laundry to you.

Dry Cleaner Decides to Make Entire Dry Cleaning Process Chemical Free

Dry cleaners near me in Austin

Howdy Cleaners truly opts for wet cleaning also called eco-friendly cleaning. Howdy Cleaners is one the best dry cleaners in Austin who go for opting wet cleaning now. This decision will have many more benefits for society, their employees, and nature in the future.

“Opting for the eco-friendly cleaning that would be beneficial to society as well as for society, Howdy Cleaners now will try to become a frontrunner in executing eco-friendly cleaning techniques and showcase the entire process with demos, so, there will be a huge learning chance for our peers”, said Director at Howdy Cleaners.

Perc is still in use at many places and as a traditional dry-cleaning chemical that is associated with brain, kidney and liver damage. Even it has been classified as a human carcinogen that means it could lead to many types of cancers. It is released in water bodies too and causes toxicity in water.

“I am extremely happy that I invested money in this opportunity. That is for the good and safety of my employees’ health, and for the well-being of the entire society.” said the Director at Howdy Cleaners. He further adds “I made this decision based on the practicality that I understood and saw what is happening with the use of chemicals in the industry. This encouraged and motivated me to invest money in this and for sure, I will continue to motivate my peers too for opting wet cleaning rather than dry cleaning. We are already prepared and have worked on wet cleaning operations and our machinery.”

“We hope that step taken by Howdy Cleaners will encourage other dry cleaners to shift from chemical dry cleaning to eco-friendly cleaning technology and to educate Austin state policymakers on the use of perc vs wet cleaning by dry cleaners.” Further added by Director at Howdy Cleaners.

Howdy Cleaners have some plans to hold demonstration events to showcase their eco-friendly technology to other dry cleaners in the city in the coming years. We will disclose soon when we will fix the timings.

About Howdy Cleaners

We are best dry cleaners in Austin and believe in the welfare of society by opting environmentally friendly and most advanced techniques called wet cleaning. We recognize that we as a good human being have a commitment for protecting the environment and for that reason we are determined to maintain an environmental awareness approach by actively looking for opportunities, not only looking, but opting for those opportunities too, wherever possible, to reduce our environmental footprint. Our primary philosophies for doing business are 1) complete satisfaction of our clients 2) keeping nature protection on priority 3) to take care of the well-being of the society. We do not just say, rather we practice our philosophy in our work, business, in our pick-up and delivery part, and all other business phases.

Five Facts about Laundry that are Weird but Interesting

Dry cleaners near me

Do you hate Laundry? It is a regular job that never ends and just one day you do it and another day to start this job again. Anyway, we do it, though most of us only do it because it is cheaper than purchasing new clothes.

Though, laundry is easy nowadays due to the presence of the best Laundromat in the markets. And the plus is, they are providing home delivery laundry services.

But just because doing laundry at home is a boring, boring and boring job, does not mean that the history of laundry and facts around it are also boring, rather they are interesting. Below are 5 fascinating facts about your laundry.

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Grime Equal to a Candy Bar on Our Clothes

Though wise, we are horrible creatures. Among grease, sweat, grime and other things, the average load of laundry weighing 8 Lbs carry about 53 grams of grime on average and is that significant enough? Well, that is equal to the weight of an average candy bar. (Yes, you’re nasty).

“Thor” Was the Name of First Electric Washing Machine

In 1907, it was invented by Hurley Electric Laundry Equipment Company that was based in Chicago. Thank the company for such great developments in Laundry. Otherwise, the laundry chore would be much worse and we would have no easy option to do it.

You Sweat Much More Than You Think

In a day, you sweat approximately one liter of sweat on average, can you even imagine? And more wonder is that it is excluding being active or extreme weather. Naturally, that gets all over your bed sheets and clothes. Yes, you also sweat in while sleeping. So you require taking care that laundry just carries on with your body demands.

It Used To Be So Much Worse

Laundry is not “Hard labor”that most of us would consider and unlike the same level of hard physical stress like a work of construction. Though, it was not always that way easy. It used to be hard work. You cannot even imagine that during the United States Civil War, Laundress was getting more salary than the soldiers. And more shocking is each of the soldiers had to pay a portion of their pay to her.

No Laundry in Space

The laundry gods have blessed the space dwellers. Okay, that is just a part of the joke. Space dwellers do not do laundry but the reason is not that they use ultra Febreze or special spray. The reason is that the dirty garments are ejected and burnt. In order to safeguard cargo weight and space, the astronauts have instructions to put on their garments for multiple days in a line. Underwear should be put on for as many as seven days. It is as odd and bad as it sounds because astronauts also have to exercise regularly in order to prevent muscular dystrophy, a disease.

Laundry is an important and necessary part of our lives, for better. And it has been made much easier by more and more developments. Now with the help of the best Laundromat near you, you just have to opt for their home delivery laundry services. And if you opt for home delivery laundry services, life could be better and soon you may find your homes to be free of one of your boulders.

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How Can You Prevent Fabric Shrinkage? Some Tips from Howdy Cleaners

There are many ways you can help control shrinkage. One of the major: Read the care labels carefully attached on the clothes and follow those instructions. Sure, it is irritating to have to fish under your shirt to search out how to wash that, but the instructions on a care label are there for a cause. They are designed for a purpose with the type of fabric in mind, so if the label indicates you to only air dry or skip hot water or dry clean only, you need to be careful and follow what is being written there on the label.

Many times when your favourite fabric shrunk, you might have thought that it would be best if you handed it over to the professionals listed among the best dry cleaners list, you could have been prevented from getting your cloth shrunk. So, in this blog we are going to tell you “How to Prevent Cloth Shrinking?”.

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Ways to Prevent Fabric Shrinkage

Like there are several reasons for shrinkage, there are also several tricks to prevent it.

  • Wash the fabric once and check to see if it shrinks. If it does, go for hand washing instead of putting the fabric in the washing machine. Because if you go for washing it in the machine again, your fabric could ruin.
  • A good idea is to read care labels before you purchase a fabric. If you are going to shop for a garment made from natural fabrics like wool, cotton, or linen, pay attention to the care labels that say the garment as “pre-shrunk.” What does this mean? This means the garment is shrunk before the garment is sewn together, so you can be assured that it will shrink less for the time it remains in your closet.
  • If you are pretty much sure that the fabric you purchased is going to shrink, use a clothesline to dry it. That way, you can prevent putting any extra water or heat on it. So, let the wind take care of fabric wrinkles. Adding hot water and keeping it in the dryer, will cause its shrinkage further. Instead, use steam iron in the crannies and nooks, on the back, as well as the cuffs and collar.
  • If you have a garment that has shrunk to the extent that you are not interested in even ironing it, try to soak it in cold water and let it be there for 10-15 minutes. That will loosen it up and make it easier to stretch out and get rid of wrinkles.
  • If your fabric is an acrylic or fleece, try cold water for washing and drying it on low temperature.
  • Of course, many times this happens that a garment has shrunk to a great extent and you just need to throw it away. The only solution then is, do not make the mistakes you did in the past.
  • If you are not sure about how a garment will react to the first wash, a good idea is to opt for a cold rinse.


Approach the best dry cleaner on whome you can trust blindly. Howdy Cleaners always welcome you and assure you that we will keep your trust.