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Top Reasons for Shrinking of Your Favourite Clothes – Based on the Knowledge of Professionals at Howdy Cleaners

The reasons for shrinking clothes can be different for different type of fabric. Generally, the cotton garments are more likely to shrink. The extent it shrinks is based on many factors.

Many of us are all very much familiar with that feeling of pulling out our favourite garment out of the dryer just to find out how much smaller it is in inches now than before because we are 80% sure, most of the time, that the fabric could shrink. And this is so bad to know that you have ruined your favourite work dress or sweater or that cotton shirt you loved to put on for special occasions, and it might cause you to think instantly something may be up with the machine you are using.

But, blaming your dryer cannot be a solution to get rid of shrinkage. There are actually some other main causes that could make your garments shrink. Being the best dry cleaners, we are going to make you aware about the most common reasons for shrinking clothes.

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Hot water for washing is a big reason

Longer the duration of soaking in hot water, more the chances of shrinkage. So, temperature of the water is one of the factors that affects shrinkage.

Few minutes of time in the washer or dryer prevents the shrinking to a greater extent. The best thumb rule you need to remember is – after 10 minutes of putting the fabric in the wash, it shrinks ~ 1% in each direction. If it remains in the washer for 10 minutes and then in the dryer more 10 minutes, it shrinks ~ 2% in each direction.

Lesser the elasticity of fabric more the chances of shrinkage

If a cloth has high elasticity, like Spandex or Lycra, you need to be relaxed. So next time when you go shopping, keep attention to the cotton amount in a garment, lower the proportion of cotton, and higher the elasticity of the fabric. If the cotton proportion is lower than 70%, it will not shrink in the washer.

If you like a special dress so much and you want to have it in all colours, avoid putting it in the dryer. Instead, hang it in the shady area to dry.

Other factors

Few other factors that come into play for the reason for shrinkage are how many times you wash a fabric and the type of washing machine you are using for washing it. The more frequent you wash the garment, the more the chances of shrinkage. It matters a lot how much hot water you are using the garment every time. If it is not very frequent, the dyes and fibres will not be washed away as quickly, and your fabric will be durable.

The important factor that cannot be ignored is the cycle you are using for a wash, whether gentle or normal cycle or any other.

So this was a scoop on the reasons for shrinking clothes. One thing that you could do to prevent your fabric from shrinking is to approach the best dry cleaners and let them handle the matter.

Answer to All Your Question Related to Dry Cleaning that We Come across Every Other Day at Howdy Cleaners

So, we are writing down the best answers to your routine queries in this blog that our clients often ask us.

Should I Avoid Dry Cleaning My Clothes More often?

Why should I dry clean my clothes”? Or should I avoid frequent dry cleaning? Are these the questions that come to your mind many times? Let us tell you some science that will answer your questions. Putting on your clothes many times between washes can cause sticking ammonia, found in our sweat, on the fabric if these are not washed at right time. Think of those white or light coloured clothing that have changed to yellow colour over time, or the purple colour clothing that has changed to maroon colour–that is all the credit goes to ammonia. And ammonia may also damage those clothing even when you are not putting on them. Longer the ammonia stays on your fabric, higher the chances of staining your clothing.

Is This True That Washing Clothes with Hands is Safer than Handing Over Them to a Dry Cleaner?

You know that one dress that had such a beautiful vibrant colour when you first purchased it, but lost its colour, shining and freshness just after a few months of washing? If cleaning it with hand faded colours at such a fast rate, how would dry cleaning be any differ from it? You would be surprised to know that dry cleaning reserves colour for longer than a typical washing at home. Dry cleaning solvents are lighter as compared to water, allowing it to move through the clothing or any other fabric more delicately than a traditional washing at homes. Therefore, your clothes come back to you perfectly cleaned, ironed, and ready-to-wear, without any colour fading.

Does Dry Cleaning Leave a Bad Smell on my Clothes?

You may be one of those who are curious to get an answer for this. If your clothing comes back to you from the cleaner smelling like a body odour, chemicals, or worse, then it is time to search for the best dry cleaner. We are open to tell you why this happens? That chemical smell means the dry cleaner who you have selected is not waiting for enough time for the solvent to get completely removed, and if your clothes have a bad odour, the cleaner is using a dirty and used solvent. That means sweat, soil, or anything else trapped into your fabric coming from the dirty solvents.

Howdy Cleaners guarantees you to give back your clothes to you clean, fresh and ready to wear. Why? We use nature friendly solvents and state-of-the-art machinery. Your fabric will be clean and fresh without any bad smell, new stain or crease.

Howdy Cleaners is a dry cleaner and Laundromat you can trust. From suits to dress shirts, rugs, bridal gowns, and many other fabrics, we are there to keep your clothing looking as fresh as new. So, let’s find and try the best dry cleaner near you today!

We are Providing You a List of Items You Need to Clean in this Spring

Most people clean their home thoroughly in the spring time simply due to a habit or tradition they have settled. When your home is clean, you feel better about yourself and appreciate your stuff more. It is a beautiful chance to open your windows and let the fresh air blow through your home touching you.

Spring is the best time of the year to enjoy the awesome weather and the great outdoors. At the same time, it is also the best time to invite nears and dears over. Either way, no better time is there to clean everything deeply in your home.

Being the best dry cleaner, Howdy Cleaners is sharing important things of your house that you need to clean as soon as possible.

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Those Beautiful Curtains

Curtains catch dust as fly catchers catch flies. They catch dust like if they are meant for that. Sarcastic, but it is true. Mostly you do not even realize how dusty and dirty they are until you give a really close look to them. You need to deep clean your curtains to prevent allergies. Some curtains could be cleaned at home but most need dry cleaning or a huge washing machine than the regular machines at your home. Since curtains are costly, it is best to hand over your curtains for cleaning to the best dry cleaners who are professionals in dry cleaning. What could be the best time to do this job in the whole year than during the spring season?


The walls are the main thing when we think about the most significant parts of your home. People commonly do not include walls on their list of cleaning yet these are vital to the overall cleanliness of your house. A flat dry surface is prone to catch more dirt throughout the year, it is astonishing, though true. Devote your time to clean the walls at least once a year and make your home feel fresher and cleaner.


During the winter period, dust and dirt deposit inside your home, being carried with your shoes, on pets, or on your clothes. Where does this end up? On your carpet and rug! A good vacuum cleaner would take away most of the surface dust and dirt, but over time most of the dust will deposit to the base of your rugs and carpet, which is hard to get rid of with your regular vacuum cleaner.


Since your mattresses are covered by all other bedding items, you could assume that these are clean. But like any other textile, it is covered with sweat, dust, dust mites, and dead skin cells! When removing the covers of your mattresses and sheets for cleaning, do not skip to vacuum the mattresses, deodorize them with baking soda for 1-2 hours, then vacuum off the residual baking soda, and let these in air before putting back the covers.


Nowadays it is easier than before to check off everything on your cleaning list. Howdy Cleaners picks up and delivers your textile right at your doorstep.

Tips to Find Best Dry Cleaners Near You in Austin

If you did not already know, Austin is one of the coolest places if you love culture and music in the United States. So, if you are living in Austin and want to make the most out of everything Austin has to look and offer good doing it, we made a quick guide to search the best dry cleaner near you.

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Check Online Reviews

Customer reviews are a good resource to shrink down the search for a best dry cleaner near you. Start by finding Google for best dry cleaner nearest to you. Reviews are very helpful to get insight, the quality and the level of service they offer. If you do not want to hassle with identifying which dry cleaner is good for your clothes, let Howdy Cleaners reach you and pick up your dirty clothes!

Look for the Cleaning Performance

Searching the best dry cleaning service near you does not just come down to their nearness to your place. You would want to find reviews that highlight the track record, when you are searching online reviews. Did they damage clothing frequently during the working process? OR did they constantly offer wonderful service? These things always remain your priority when you want to find the best dry cleaner’s service. But remember, issues can arise sometimes, so do not just focus on all negative reviews.

Look for the Lost or Damages Clothes Policy

Buttoned dresses are notorious for claiming lost buttons, and after wearing them many times, the yarn holding the buttons may weaken. This is not an issue with the right good cleaner. Find an Austin dry cleaner with a lost or damaged clothes policy. Even if they rarely lose a thing, it is good to know that you have the facility to get a garment repaired or replaced if something happens by chance.

Commitment to Protecting the Environment

While it seems that dry cleaners do not provide ample danger to the environment, they actually could be harmful at most. If they use PERC in dry cleaning, they are threatening you, residents of the local area, and the environment. If mishandled, PERC could enter into concrete and would not stop until it reaches groundwater sources, ultimately polluting the water. You can find a green dry cleaner in your locality by searching via Google or calling if they use a green cleaning process.

Schedule Your Dry Cleaning With Howdy Cleaners

Howdy Cleaners was started on the idea that laundry and dry cleaning do not have to be tedious. We work with the best team of professionals to make sure that our clients get the best service possible. We also realize how busy you are, and we can never be appropriate without an online app which can allows you to plan, manage, and pay from anywhere in the city. Howdy cleaners make it easy to book service from dry cleaners near you at your comfort.

Did you Get Hair Dye Stains on Your Collar? Here is the Solution from Best Dry Cleaner

You may get dye color on your shirt collar or any other part when you are applying colors to your gorgeous locks, and hair dye is a tough stain to take away from fabric. So, you should protect your clothes while dyeing your hair using a cape of an old towel held on with a binder clip or safety pin. If you get a stain on your clothing, here are a few things you may try. Unless mentioned on the label, below solutions for cleaning are safe for most washable clothing. When in doubt, contact your neighborhood’s best dry cleaner.

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How to Remove Black, Brown, or Blue Dye from Washable Clothes

Cold Water or Alcohol
Before you find another way, hold the affected area under running water. Or put rubbing alcohol over the stain to remove any excess of dye. If you find a dye deposit still, try scraping it gently with a dull knife or any other thing line debit/credit card to remove.

Liquid Laundry Detergent
Apply a liquid laundry detergent of good quality and scrub with a clean dump white cloth or a brush with soft bristles. Let it as it is at least for 15 minutes.

Oxygen-based Bleach
Fill a large bowl with cold water and pour oxygen-based color-safe bleach as per the package directions. Soak the fabric in it for at least eight hours.

Chlorine Bleach for White Fabrics
If your fabric can be bleached, mix around 5 liter water with one tablespoon of chlorine bleach. Dip the fabric for a maximum of 15 minutes in it. After rinsing the fabric well, clean it as usual if the stain is removed. If stain does not go away with chlorine bleach, it is likely that no other thing could remove the stain.

How to Remove Red Dye from Washable Clothes

You need to follow below steps in a sequence to get rid of white dye stain:

Cold Water or Alcohol
This step remains the same as described above.

Dishwashing Liquid and Ammonia Solution
Mix 1 quart of water with half teaspoon dishwashing liquid and 1 tablespoon of ammonia used in households in a non-metallic bowl. Soak the affected area at least for 15 minutes.

Scrub the Stain with Liquid Detergent
Remove the fabric from the above mixture and rinse well. Stain is still there? Apply an enzymatic liquid detergent and scrub, and then soak it in the above solution again.

White Vinegar and Water Solution
If the stain still does not go away, try a different solution – one quart warm water and one fourth cup white vinegar. Soak for at least half an hour. If the stain still does not go away, move to the next step below.

Soak in Oxygen-based Bleach and Water Solution
Add cold water to a clean container and pour all-fabric oxygen bleach as per the package directions. Soak fabric for at least 8 hours. You can use chlorine bleach only for white garments. If you use chlorine bleach, soaking time should only be 15 minutes, not more than it.

Once the stain goes away, launder the clothing as usual. If all above methods fail, try best dry cleaner near you.

Tips From Howdy Cleaners to Get Rid of Ink Stain from Your Clothes

It is a common point and most of us experienced a pen breakage once or many times. And that spilling of ink onto your favourite shirt is very disturbing. Are you thinking of throwing your shirt away though? No, do not do that and contact the best dry cleaners who are able to help you get rid of this situation. So, this way you can remove an ink stain easily. Even it becomes easier if you could find the type of ink. Some inks are easy to remove using common household products. So, some types require special care, while some ink stains require a professional treatment from a professional dry-cleaner.

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Solutions to Remove Ink Stains


  • Place the stained fabric into a deep bowl
  • Dip it in milk
  • Leave it overnight
  • Wash as per the usual garment directions

If the stain is of water-based ink, then use the following. This is the most effective method for a fresh stain. The longer you take to put the salt onto the stain, the less effective the method.

  • Take the table salt
  • Cover the ink stain with the salt
  • Gently cover with a white paper towel
  • Shake off the salt
  • Repeat as process until the stain is disappeared

Alcohol-based hairspray helps to liquefy the ink. Mostly, lower the cost of the hairspray, the higher the alcohol content. Ideally, you need a higher alcohol level to work with. You need to spray directly on the stain and soak it completely with hairspray and then rub it gently.

Hand-sanitizer has sufficient and high alcohol levels. It is best to dissolve the ink effectively. Spray/apply the sanitizer on the stain area and rub gently.

Nail Polish Remover
Nail polish remover comprises acetone. It is an effective method for removing stains from natural fibres and synthetics. Never use acetone on acetate fabric. You should always check your garment’s label for fabric ingredients. You may continue only if the garment is colorfast. It is advised not to apply nail polish remover if any fabric may lose colour.

Alcohol and vinegar
An equal mix of vinegar and rubbing alcohol in combination with salt is one of the effective methods of getting rid of the last remaining bits of ink.

Corn starch in combination with Vinegar

  1. Soak the stained area of fabric in the vinegar
  2. Leave it at least for 5 minutes
  3. Mix 2 parts of vinegar and 3 parts of corn starch
  4. Make thick paste missing it properly
  5. Apply the paste to the affected area
  6. Rub fabric gently using your fingers or you can use a soft toothbrush
  7. Leave it until it dry completely
  8. Wash it using a hottest water temperature in your washer

Note, all above methods that we have suggested may not be appropriate for the fabric that is prone to lose its colour. You can approach the best dry cleaners in your area.