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Tips to Use of Chlorine Bleach at Home Safely

Sometimes you need to use chlorine bleach to remove difficult stains, odors that won’t go away, or heavy-duty disinfecting. However, the challenge is to use it correctly. Howdy Cleaners, the Best Dry Cleaners in Austin, in this blog, is going to provide you with the best tips to use chlorine bleach when cleaning your clothes.

Use of bleach at the correct time

To get the right outcomes, you need to first add detergent in water, put in on the fabric, and wash for 5 minutes. Then add bleach in the water. This will produce the best result because using bleach too early detergent effectiveness. Let it on the fabric for about 15 seconds into the water to ensure the bleach is thoroughly mixed.

Use the accurate amount

It is highly important to add the right amount of bleach. Adding a high amount could not only prevent fabric from being washed properly but also might ruin your clothes. Howdy Cleaners recommends using half cup of bleach, in a full wash. However, based on the brand, the bleach type you are using, and the amount of the wash, the amount of bleach required could vary. It is advised to read the instructions on the container.

Handle with care

Bleach is a highly strong chemical and can harm your skin if it comes in direct contact for longer and not removed quickly. If bleach contacts directly with your hands while measuring or pouring, you need to stop your task and wash it off first with soap – you should not wait until you have finished your task. Additionally, make sure bleach is stored and handled in a good ventilated area. You need to close the bottle caps firmly when you are not pouring bleach from it actively. A chlorine bleach fumes made while using it could also lead to many health problems.

Only use it on strong clothes

Since chlorine bleach is a very strong chemical, it could ruin delicate clothing such as silk. Use it on strong material, such as cotton t-shirts and towels. Cloths that could not tolerate bleach would be clearly labeled with “Do not bleach”. If you are not sure whether a piece of clothing is strong enough to stand up with chlorine bleach, you need to check the label.

Never mix with other bleach

You need to be extra careful while using bleach at home and avoid mixing chlorine bleach with any other bleach or other cleaners. This may lead to a chemical reaction causing a deadly odorless gas. You should only add bleach + detergent + water to make a wash and, of course, your fabric.

Take Help from a professional

With years of experience, Howdy Cleaners has their name in the list of Best Dry Cleaners in Austin. We are skilled in using any type of bleach to get the best outcomes removing stains, whitening clothes, or getting rid of odors. Just bring your fabric to us and let us know the result you want for your fabric and we will look for the rest.

Worried for Caring Winter Coats? Get Help from Howdy Cleaners

Winter has arrived already and we have changed our clothing according to the season. Most of us think that washing our winter coats is not essential and in fact many people follow this and they have cause for this at a certain level. Many do not remember to clean winter coats before the winter arrival.

Anyway, Howdy Cleaners, the Best Laundromat in Austin, suggests you wash winter jackets/coats from time to time to oppose moths, prevent itchiness, or other allergies, and you can go for it right now. You can take help from Howdy Cleaners and experience Best Dry Cleaning Services in Austin.

Here are some tricks to take care of winter coats.

Read the label and clean per the instructions

When you wish to clean your winter coat, the first thing to be done is to check the label for washing instructions. This care label contains the needed information, and it guides you out of confusion whether your coat is machine-washable or for dry cleaning only. If it is suitable for washing at home then select the wash cycle carefully and set water temperature accordingly, select appropriate detergent, and make sure that you know how to dry it.

Pre-treat stains

If you do not opt for washing your winter coat every season, it could have some stains of sweating, food, and smell. To get rid of this, you should apply a stain remover to treat those stains before putting it in the washer. You just need to apply the stain remover on all stains, let it soak for about 10-15 minutes and then put it in the washer or scrub if washing with hands.

Fasten all zippers and buttons

Washing in the washer, the zippers’ metal teeth could harm other clothes and could damage themselves. Make sure to zip, button, and fasten all things on your coat before putting it into the washer to avoid any damage.

These tricks will help your coat retain its shape in the washer during washing.

Put cloths of same category in the washer together

When you put different fabric in the washer and rub together these opposite fabrics, your clothes could fade, pill or destroy.

To maintain the quality of your coats as it is, clean them alone or with fabric of similar types like wool with wool, fleece with fleece, nylon with nylon, and so on. Always clean your coats by following instructions on the label or investigating whether it is made up of.

Note: When your fur coats, suede or leather Jackets are dirty, try to find out the Best Laundromat in Austin and get their Best Dry Cleaning Services in Austin. It is advised not to try to wash them at home as these are costly items and cannot go for buying these every other day. Before, it is too late, please bring them the Howdy Cleaners, the Best Laundromat in Austin, for experiencing high-quality service. Howdy Cleaners is fitted out with best machines to help our clients clean all kinds of winter jackets or coats with a full-satisfaction.

Top Five Tricks to Care for Your Cashmere

We all want durability from our wears, especially those you purchased at high cost. Sweaters are prepared using diverse types of fabrics, each having different labels with its own guidelines for washing. Howdy Cleaners are experienced Best Dry Cleaning Service Providers in Austin, therefore, pretty much familiar with these different guidelines. So, we love to tell you that we are going to give you some best tips on how to lengthen the life of your cashmere. Always keep in your mind you want to trial an inconspicuous area.

Every Fabric cannot be Washed in Regular Washing Machines

Before cleaning, you could wear your cashmere more than once, until or unless there are no oil stains, grease, sweating stains, etc. If you put on your cashmere over a base layer, generally, you need to launder after approximately 5 wears. To extend the fabric use, apply a fabric freshener.

Brush Regularly but Gently

Natural fibers can have fuzz balls that appear in the regions where there is friction. These regions include under the arms, where you hang your handbag, and/or along the inner sides of the thighs. Use a razor blade, lint tape, or a particular device to keep your fabric fuzz-free.

Lay Flat to Dry

When your cashmere is wet, it is most vulnerable and could take many days to dry in the winters without sun for days. To remove excess water, you should not wring your cashmere, rather put the fabric on a dry and clean towel, and roll it up. Once the cotton towel soaks as water, put your cashmere flat in a shady area to let it dry.

Use Mild Detergent and Cold Soft Water

Rather than washing your cashmere in the washing machine, we suggest hand washing the best if you want to wash your cashmere at home. You may soak the fabric for about 20 minutes in cold soft water mixed with mild detergent. Some experts suggest setting the washer on a wool or gentle cycle spin, but we further suggest leaving it up to the Best Dry Cleaners in Austin. Never use hot water to wash your cashmere or hard detergents.

Take Label the Seriously

Most of the cashmere items have a tag “Dry Clean Only.” The Best Dry Cleaning Service Providers possess the ability to wash your cashmere with the top care that the fabric deserves. Especially when the wear has ornaments on it like buttons, embroidery, metal work or beading, you need to entrust a Best Dry Cleaners in Austin.

When it comes to luxurious clothing, Howdy Cleaners has a team of professionals who have years of experience, therefore, are capable of giving your cashmere as well as other fabrics the maximal care it deserves. These costly fabrics are one of your investments that are required to be treated properly. You may us to schedule a pickup.

Irritated with Fabric Moths? Get a Rid of them at Howdy Cleaners

Unfortunately if you are facing the problem of clothes moths, this blog would help you for sure. What are cloth moths? Do you know? Clothes moths are small pests that are exclusively dependent on animal fibers for living and eat fabric as their food, so, abolish your favorite fabrics. Clothes moths are a matter of concern that have been discussed with us by many of our clients many times—these situations are nasty. Howdy Cleaners are considered as Best Dry Cleaning Service Providers in Austin and are going to provide you some tips to get rid of moths.

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Ways to Take Care of Your Stored Fabrics

The best approach of action is always taking a proactive attitude to ward off cloth moths. Simply, the key is observing your garments after a regular time interval. It is so easy and seems relaxed to keep your wool sweaters in your wardrobe for a year, but that could be disastrous for your woolen fabric. You actually need to be taking these clothes out to monitor and clean a minimum of three times a year, even if those are not damaged by moths. Dry cleaning these clothes is truthfully the greatest way to take care of these safely. Therefore, you can hand over these clothes to Howdy Cleaners, the Best Dry Cleaners in Austin.

Other methods to get rid of clothes moths could be to clean your home periodically in regions that are not easy to access for cleaning and most of the times do not get cleaned, e.g., along baseboards or cracks, under furniture. Keeping your off-season wearing in airtight containers also helps to prevent moths.

If it is too Late, What to do?

Now the most important and most asked question is what action is to be taken if it is too delayed and you have found an infestation already? Remove all the things from the infested region, pack those clothes in an airtight bag, and bring directly to the Best Dry Cleaners in Austin.

Next, you need to clean out the infested region thoroughly using a vacuum. Then, destroy the vacuum bag. If there is carpet or rugs placed in the infested region that needs professional cleaning as well.

Clothes moths are probably a bit scary and nasty. But you do not need to create panic. With the help of Howdy Cleaners, you could get rid of them and get your wardrobe back to normal in a few days.

You may feel that we are compelling you to experience our services, but it is not like that and simply the truth is moths can destroy your entire wardrobe. Dry cleaning has been proved to be the best method not only to get rid of moths but also of mold, bed bugs, and other microbes like viruses and bacteria. We are the Best Dry Cleaners in Austin and our cleaning system is kind on garments and does not damage delicate fabrics like silk and wool. Not to tell, dry cleaning is the only non-toxic, allergen-free, odorless, method available.

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Help Your Guests Feel Welcome – Small Clean Touches

You must have heard an old saying– it is all in the details? Well, this is so true!! Also, when you are waiting for special guests who are coming to your home at any time of year or for a special party. One of the most important things is cleanliness and you can do that by making every small touch clean, dust-free, and looking fresh. Howdy Cleaners are going to give you small tips to make every touch clean that you can do on your own or choose our Best Dry Cleaning Services in Austin to help you. We are among the Best Laundromats in Austin and have been providing services to our clients for a long time.

Make their Sleep Comfortable

The more the happier, it is! If you have guests sleeping in your living room, or guest room, you need to ensure that they are as comfortable as the guests sleeping in their own bedroom. You can do this by making sure you have soft, clean, pillows, sheets, and extra blankets for they are aware where to get them.

Make their Dinner Special

Table linens are costly, fancy and delicate and mostly used for some special occasions or friends’ arrival. You would love to keep your linens in best condition and crisply ironed and ready for your dinner, it makes sense. After all, those beautiful table linens are the one of the best ways to make your guests feel welcome and special.

This is very true that no matter how watchful your guests are; some of them always manage to spill a bit onto the table linens, whether it is coffee, red wine, gravy or any other thing. After attending your guests, you may doubt how you can get rid of those stains or if you need to only discard those linens. Could you ever make your table linens brand new again? The really great way is to pack up your linens and send them to the Best Laundromats in Austin.

Let the First Ray of Sun Enter through Clean Curtains

Even if your window curtains are washable at home, the seams and linings may shrink with normal wash. Play safe and look for Best Dry Cleaning Services in Austin, if you have any doubt. Definitely curtains are made up of special material and the stitched-in pleated drapes or other ornamentation that might not bear a normal wash, so you need to go to the Best Laundromats in Austin.

Do not think over and bring your those important fabrics to Howdy Cleaners. We will take care of all your fabric and restore your linens to their brand new look free of all stains. Be cautious – if you try to get rid of stains at home or wash soft fabric in normal washers you may make them worse. The best way is to leave these tasks to the professionals. And we have a team with many years of experience in providing Best Dry Cleaning Services in Austin. We would love to serve you the best.

Keep Your Clothes Virus-Free During COVID-19 Omicron Outbreak

Now again, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is knocking the doors in the form of Omicron and likely has you armed to sanitize every surface that you touch frequently in your home. You may also be sanitizing everything that comes inside, like vegetables, grocery, and the frequently-touch things where viruses are likely to hide like your purse, phone, wallet, and keys.

But have you thought about your clothes? After a visit to the market, it is highly possible that your clothes have been contaminated with coronavirus. One option to get rid of coronavirus is to go to a Best Laundromat in Austin and experience the Best Dry Cleaning Services in Austin.

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Does Dry Cleaning Kill Virus?

The answer is – Yes!! During the dry cleaning process, high temperature is used in the form of steams and it is stated that the heat used in pressing, stealing, and ironing during the dry cleaning process is truly a pretty reliable procedure to kill viruses.

You generally wash your clothing at home in hot water between 60o to 90°C using regular laundry soap. Laundry experts admit that the type of soap used in cleaning clothes is immaterial. It is the high temperature that kills microbes. After cleaning with hot water, clothing should be well dried in a dryer or on a clothesline. You can clean your clothes with dry clean labels with other clothing but you should be aware that clothes with dry clean labels may get ruined with normal home wash. So, you can send them to the dry cleaners. Being Best Laundromat in Austin, we are eager to provide you high-quality service during this third wave of pandemic.

How Hot will be Enough to Kill Omicron?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that steam or water should be at least 60o to 90°C to kill viruses. Experts also recommend to keep fabric in water at this recommended temperature for twenty minutes.

You may question, is dry cleaning more trustworthy than washing clothes at home? Yes, dry cleaning is a better approach to assure Corona Virus is killed for sure. Washing at homes may be equally reliable but as long as heat is used at required time points in the cleaning process. Viruses do not like heat. Therefore, when hot water is used in washing the clothes, the virus will be destroyed. Plus of dry cleaning is, steam is used in dry cleaning, so, corona virus will die for sure.

Working at Howdy Cleaners during Pandemic

We have been following cleaning guidelines in an effort to retain a clean environment for our employees as well as customers.

During attending hours, our team of professionals is required to disinfect and clean our Laundromats on an hourly basis using hospital-grade products. Our employees attend to common use areas, such as door pulls and knobs, folding tables, change machines, detergent machines, washer door handles, dryer door handles, bathrooms, and machine keypads. All our Laundromats are equipped with hand sanitizing stations. We regularly clean and disinfect general common areas.

So, you can stop your search for how to make your clothing virus free and choose the Best Laundromat in Austin and get the Best Dry Cleaning Services in Austin. We happily welcome you!!