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Best Dry Cleaning Service Provider, the Howdy Cleaners – Make Your Christmas Holidays More Enjoyable

The last month of the year, December is here, so Christmas is very near and of course the long-waited holidays are near! We understand that this is the busiest time of year for everyone and while your holidays could be a little different this year, still many house tasks may be pending to do. If it is, then why not allow the Howdy Cleaners, the Best Dry Cleaner in Austin, help you? Think of Howdy Cleaners, the Best Dry Cleaning Service Provider as your “Holiday Elf”.

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Are You Facing Holiday Rush? Now, It is Time to Get Relief!!

Are you feeling the sense of holiday rush as the holiday season is near? For sure, you are still left with your shopping and invitations’ sending. Maybe you are trying to get more time to learn and try the secret recipe to make cakes, cookies, and many more desserts to make your festive season as sweet as those.

Wait for a while, one thing, the most important one, you may check off your to-do list, is “drop off dry cleaning.” Howdy Cleaners are here in Austin to make it easier with our Best Dry Cleaning Service including pickup and delivery service. You just relax at home and utilize your time in the festival preparations.

Make Your Holidays Best

It happens often, you just find, a button is not there on your silk shirt that you have been planning wearing over the Christmas holidays, or that the favorite dress that you love the most and kept especially for this occasion has a small stain on it? Howdy Cleaners treats all loopholes before the fabric is cleaned. Whether you are inviting your family or friends to your home or planning to hang out with your loved ones to enjoy your holidays, we try one thing only, to make your look the best!!

Give Us Only 2 Minutes to Serve You

Like you want to minimize your burden, we understand you also want to have access to a Best Dry Cleaning Service Provider as quickly as possible. That is why we have designed a special application for you that you can download from Google play store very easily. It is very easy to schedule a pickup with our mobile app. We have a perfect solution that will cut down the time wasted duration – washing, drying and ironing your favorite clothes.

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Happiest Holidays – A Clean and Well Dressed Treat from Howdy Cleaners

We want to thank all of you for continuing your support to our business and believing in our services over the past year. We are grateful to our family of customers who have been continuingly making us the Best Dry Cleaning Service Provider in Austin. We are glad to share with you that we have the best community that is complete with you all. We wish you a healthy, happy and of course wealthy holiday season and a fantastic new year!

Why Young Adults Should Invest in Dry Cleaning Services

We, Howdy Cleaners, are Best Dry Cleaning Service Provider in Austin and have been providing our Dry Cleaning Services for many years. We understand what a life of young adults is and what are priorities for them? Being a young adult is another word of change, progress and future. Also, being a young adult, you ultimately face challenges and create a space for making development in future.

So, when your growing shoulders are bearing the burden of your future, we want to take off some extra burden from you and that is your laundry. You are young and of course it does not matter for you what type of fabric should you choose? You just go with the trend and we also suggest you to flow with that and allow us to handle your laundry. Everyone today is aware enough that each fabric needs special care, and not all can be washed simply at homes. So, we will sort on our own whether to wash or dry clean your fabric, some need dry cleaning. Let us explain more why you should invest in Dry Cleaning Services.

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Some Clothes are Gentler

Some of your fabric can not bear pressure and the gripping. Instead of losing a favorite outfit, go for a dry cleaner providing the best services. A dress costs much more than a dry cleaner’s charges.

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Large Items –Youngsters Have No Idea How to Wash?

Other than clothing you wear, many larger items including blankets, bed sheets, curtains are completely new to you when you are away from your homes. Rarely, you have seen what was being done with those items at your homes. Those need dry cleaning mostly.

Those Stubborn Stains

Student life, hangouts with friends, & coffee in chilled winters or those examination days, late night studies with a cup of tea, and spilled some sips on your clothing, can make you cry and put in worries about your favorite dresses. It is not easy to deal with those and make the fabric look new again.

Dry Cleaners Pay Detailed Attention

Laundry does not only mean washing clothes, it also covers folding, ironing, and storing clothes in bags. When you hand over your clothing to dry cleaners, you just relax, sit back and wait for the professional to pick your clothes and hang them in the closet.

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You Just Sit in Your Comfort

Howdy Cleaners provide you pickup and delivery services. You just need to download our free app and schedule the free pickup for all dry cleaning and laundry needs.

These are a few of many reasons as to why young adults should go for the dry cleaning service. Your fabric is not only cleaned but also treated with high care when you choose our Dry Cleaning Services. The use of advanced and high-tech techniques make us the Best Dry Cleaning Service Provider in Austin.

Top 3 Laundry Secrets to Keep Your Fabric Fresh and Brand New

While you might spill tea on your t-shirt or snag your favorite trouser on something sharp, the most frequent reason for not keeping fabric as looking brand new is your wrong way of washing. We bet many times you have seen a nice polo shrink in the dryer at home, or washed a dry clean only sweater at home accidentally.

To increase the life of fabric, some extra efforts are essential when cleaning and drying your clothes. So, we, the Laundry Service Providers in Austin, are providing some healthy tips to make your clothes look brand new. Our Best Laundry Service in Austin, gives you a chance not to do extra efforts at home, just you hand over your task to us.

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Correct Washer Setting

Whether it is a dress, or office shirt, most fabric should be washed using the appropriate machine setting, usually harsh settings are avoided and gentle or delicate is the best choice, but at the same time “how dirty your clothes are?” is the point to be kept in your mind. Using a delicate cycle helps eliminate wear and tear, especially for delicate fibers.

Your pair of jeans is more durable fabric, so you can choose a normal setting. Just be sure you have read the clothing label before putting it in a washer. The easy thing is to use your judgment at best when washing items.

Wash in Soft Cold Water

This is the best when your clothes take a soft bath in soft water. Feels cool! It is as cool as your clothes too. Soft water is free of minerals, more powerful than hard water, and requires less detergent. Stubborn stains can be removed with more ease using soft water. The plus is, using soft water, your clothes stay bright for longer. This is the greatest way to keep your clothes always fresh and looking new.

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Make Your Inside-Out before Putting in a Washer

You will find it rare at any other place that washing your clothes inside-out keeps the clothes looking fresh and new. So, next time when you are going to put them inside the washer, first turn them inside-out. What does this do actually?, prevent any damage on the display side that can happen during the spinning cycle. Also, if you are cleaning something with buttons, beans, and sequins, washing inside-out can prevent them from falling off or coming loose.


Leave everything on us and experience the Best Laundry Service in Austin that will make you realize why we are listed as Laundry Service Providers in Austin. We have a team of professionals who not only provide best-tech services but also guide you in deciding the type of clothes you need to send a Laundromat.

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What Type of Fabric Should I Send For Dry Cleaning?

We, Howdy Cleaners, Best Dry Cleaners in Austin, are going to provide the information on the type of fabric that need to be dry-cleaned. So, keep on reading, if you are curious to know more on what type of fabric can be dry cleaned, and need help from the Best Dry Cleaners in Austin. Unlike the name that indicates “dry”, dry-cleaning is not purely dry. The main thing that is missing from the dry cleaning is Water. So, dry cleaning is done with the help of organic solvent without the use of water.

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Understand the Purpose of Tags on Fabric

Not all type of fabric is created equally, some of those, need extra care. So, washing those with hands or washing machines is not good. When you cut off those itchy tags, take a moment, and understand the purpose of those. They are the guide for laundering your clothes. Generally, a fabric made of cotton, polyester, and spandex can be machine-washed or hand-washed while winter coats, formal, evening wear, and suitsneed to be dry-cleaned.

More about Fabric that Needs to be Dry Cleaned

Silk fabricis made up of natural strong fibers that do not absorb dyes completely used to dye it. Soap washing or simple detergent washing with water does not only lead it to lose its color, but also cause shrinkage and distortion of the fabric. So, to avoid color damage and distortion you should go for dry cleaning.

Linen fabric is extracted from flax. It is quiet compared to cotton and is strong and absorbent. It dries very fast. It can be washed by hand or dried in the air, though requires ironing often because the flax fibers get fresh and better in hot weather. If handled carelessly and incorrectly, the crispiness of fabric goes off and the quality can deteriorate. So, the most ideal solution for this is dry cleaning!

If you avoid dipping woolen clothes in water, you can prevent it from shrinkage and make them durable.

Rayon is made from purified cellulose fibers and it puts off its color when cleaned using warm water. This causes shrinkage of the fabric and loss of actual shape. Hand-washing with cold water and mild detergent may be done, though the safest solution is dry cleaning.

Suede is a superior type of leather primarily made from cow, lambskin, hide, and goat. Suede is costlyand extremely difficult to maintain due to its sensitivity to moisture, light, water-based as well as chemical-based cleaners. Getting the services of professionals who use non-hazardous chemicals makes you feel relaxed that your suede is properly cared for and maintained.

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Still, Have Doubt? Ask Us!

There is no compromise and shortcut when it is about caring and maintaining your clothing made up of sensitive fabrics, so you should choose Best Dry Cleaners in Austin. Reading laundry tags may sometimes be confusing, so we suggest you ask skilled professionals to help you decide which piece of your wardrobe need to be dry cleaned. We, at Howdy Cleaners, are experienced and knowledgeable in using dry cleaning solvents and are experts in keeping your clothes safe. So, if you are looking for Best Dry Cleaners in Austin, you can reach us.

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Evolution of Dry Cleaning Over the Years

If you love to find out the origin of things, then this blog of Howdy Cleaners, providing the Best Dry Cleaning Services in Austin, is for you to answer your queries on when, how and why?

Dry cleaning came into origin in the 1600s and at that time, it was based on chemical solvents. With time, many evolutions came to the industry and in the 1800s the use of non-chemical based solvents started to become the practice.Still, today, few dry cleaners are providing eco-friendly Best Dry Cleaning Services in Austin and Howdy Cleaners are among those few.

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Origin over Years

  • You will wonder to know that true dry cleaning was serendipity which means it was discovered by chance in the late 1800s when a kerosene lamp was dropped on the linen table cloth. The name of the person who observed it was Jean-Baptiste Jolly.
  • Till the 19th century, industrialists and inventors were experimenting with gasoline and kerosene-based cleaning.
  • Dry cleaning the clothes with highly inflammable liquid was not a good idea at all. Another American dry cleaner, Wiliam Joseph Stoddard, discovered the first non-gasoline-based solvent for dry cleaning.
  • A prominent chemist, Michael Faraday, discovered perchloroethylene also known as “Perc” the favorite solvent of dry cleaners for 80 years.

Is Perchloroethylene Safe for You?

While perchloroethylene is considered safer than most chemicals used by dry cleaners in the past, the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States is functioning to omit the solvent out of the industry. Thoughthe Agency makes sure that wearing the clothes treated with Percare not harmful to the body, it can be harmful to animals and plants if accidently get released into the environment. Additionally, it has been also noted that regular exposure to Perc to the workers in the industry may cause health issues with the nervous system and can cause many diseases like Parkinson’s disease.

When is Perchloroethylene Used in Dry Cleaning Process

The washing procedure varies from dry cleaners to dry cleaners. Generally, stains are pretreated manually using Perc by the workers and put into the machine. The machine agitates the clothes and adds the solvents as it goes, cycles the solution in the machine and a filter as the fabric is agitated. Temperature is controlled typically at around 30 degreesCelsius. Next, the clothes are either dried in the same machine or moved to a separate machine by the workers. During the drying cycle, the temperature is increased to about 60 degrees Celsius, which aids the chemicals to evaporate from the fabricfaster,this temperature is still low enough to avoidthe damage of clothes. In last, around 99.9% of the chemicals are removed from the dry cleaned fabric.

Even though many dry cleaners in Austin are still using Perc, Howdy Cleaners knows the effect of Perc on our atmosphere. That is why we adopted eco-friendly solvents to clean your fabric and that makes our listing under Best Dry Cleaning Services in Austin. Our Best Dry Cleaning Services in Austin are above and over the rest of the dry cleaners because we have experienced professionals skilled in the different techniques of dry cleaning all types of clothes.

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Here is the Laundry Solution for Your Baby’s Clothes

Are you looking for Best Laundromat in Austin, US, as a laundry solution for baby’s clothes? Then, we, Howdy Cleaners, are happy to provide our best services to you.

There is joy and wonderful energy all around on the arrival of the tiny angel at your home. And of course, little trinkets sprinkled about. Each family member is entirely engrossed in the care ofthe little munchkin. Everything should betaken care ofwell. Between the splashing, coos, bubbles, and giggles— the perfect time is the bath time of the day to feel your baby’ssenses and develop your bond. Choosing the best clothes is very important to protect and care for your baby’s skin. This is the time when your baby’s immune system is developing, so, there is a need offor extra care to avoid any infection. That is why you must be careful in your efforts to keep your baby free of germs and healthy. One of the commonly ignored germ nests is the child’s clothing.As cute as the little munchkins are, they are messy too. Stains on blankets, towels, cushion covers, bibs, and bedsheets are tough to remove and require industrial-strength machines.

Best Laundromat in Austin- Howdy Cleaners

Howdy Cleaners has been working for many years with the highly professional team in Austin, US.

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Washing baby clothes in the washing machine with normal detergent is not sufficient to remove germs from their clothes and those germs could harm them due to the underdeveloped immune system. As there are already many stresses that develop with being a parent, we do not want that laundry should be one of them. You’ll have to be extra vigilant not to ruin gentle infant apparel or misplace baby’s little socks in the washing machine.

Things You Should Know Before Washing Your Baby’s Cloth

The first step towards cleaning and sanitizing your child’s clothing is to know how critical is to wash your child’s clothes for the first time. When washing a child’s clothes very first, special preparation is required. Before you start washing the clothes, you should be aware that it is important to clean them for the first time before your baby put on them, not afterwards. The reason for this is that garments are exposed to a lot of harmful germs from the time they are bought until they arrive at your home.

Some best tips should be adopted while washing your baby clothes:

  • See instructions for washing on the product label.
  • Choose detergent carefully, detergent formulated especially for infants are free of chemicals.
  • Wash baby garments separately to avoid the transfer of germs from one cloth to another.
  • After washing, soak clothes in warm water (if label allows) that will help to kill the germs.
  • Dry in the sun or the heat. If possible, dry your baby’s cloth in natural sunshine.


You can just relax and sit back, and let the specialists do their job. Your search for “Best Laundromat in Austin” at Austin is over here. We, Howdy Cleaners the “Best Laundromat in Austin”, are a team of highly experienced professionals who take our job very seriously. Hundreds of parents trust their baby’s clothes with us as we ensure the highest safety and care. Contact us to get more informationon our laundry services and dry-cleaning services.