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5 Advantages of Soft Water – Why it Matters for Your Laundry

Have you ever thought about the advantages of washing your clothes in soft water? If not or if you want an answer, you will find the complete information in this blog. Many times, you would have given your clothes to your Laundromat and no one would have told you that there are advantages of using soft water for laundry. If yes, you are among those, then for sure, you need to choose a Laundromat providing the Best Laundry Services in Austin.

Everybody at least for once has had favorite dresses and has seen as every round to the Laundromat stole a tiny life from those dresses until one day you might not justify handing over to them anymore. Before proceeding further, we are happy to introduce ourselves – we, Howdy Cleaners, are providing best dry cleaning as well as Best Laundry Services in Austin.

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Soft Water versus Hard Water

All you are aware of the minerals. So, these are the minerals that make water hard or soft. When there is a high amount of calcium and magnesium in water, the water is considered as hard. The term “Hard” may feel scary to you, but you will wonder to know that the water we drink is mostly hard. Just opposite to hard water, soft water does not contain minerals.

Why Soft Water is Preferred for Your Clothes

The best thing for your favorite dresses is to take bath in soft water. It is not that hard water is harmful to your clothes, but it is the extra advantages of soft water that makes soft water preferable. Below are the top advantages of soft water over hard water:

More Life with More Brightness

Clothes stay bright for longer when washed with soft water regularly. Hard water leaves minerals in the fabric making clothes dull and dingy.

More Power of Soft Water

Soft water is more powerful than hard water, so this lessens the requirement of using more detergent. You would be happy to know that ½ to ⅔ lesser detergent is required with soft water.

You may Get Rid of Skin Irritation

Washing with hard water could invite skin irritation problems if you are sensitive to chemicals or have any allergic problems. When detergent is left on towels, clothes, and bed sheets, then contact with your skin may result in chafing, redness, and dryness. If your Laundromat is using soft water, you may avoid these problems.

Cold Soft Water Give the Required Results

It is tougher to clean clothes with hard water, so warm hard water is used to clean the clothes finely. Also, as we discussed above, hard water leaves the minerals in the fabric, and those can be removed with the help of warm water. But when you use soft water same results can be obtained with cold water.

Keep Those Dresses Pristine!

Cleaning your favorite dresses in soft water is one of the greatest ways to maintain their pristine condition.

Cleaning your favorite dresses in soft water is one of the greatest ways to maintain their pristine condition.

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We understand how time-consuming and exhausting laundry could be. We would be glad to take care of your dry cleaning and laundry needs. With our laundry wash and fold services by our experts, you are in completely safe hands.

We are committed to attaining excellence in customer service and providing the highest satisfaction to all customers, every time.

Secrets of Dry Cleaning In Austin to Keep Your Clothes Looking New and Fresh

Do you recall how excited you were when you shopped for your favourite clothing? Then, after a few months, you’re not as interested to wear them because they don’t appear to be as new? One of the difficulties we have when buying new garments is that they begin to seem ragged after a short period of time.

Although the quality of the cloth is important in how fresh they will look after some time, your dry clean may also be to blame for your clothes fading quickly. As a result, it is critical that you pay attention while choosing the right dry cleaner in Austin and how your clothes are dry cleaned.

Here are some dry cleaning and home washing tips to get you started in keeping your clothes looking brand new.

Are the proper washing machine settings being used?

Whether you are directly involved in the washing of your clothes or not, make sure the proper washer settings are used. Professional dry cleaners in Austin should be aware of the best setting to use for each type of cloth. For example, if you use a harsh/strong setting on a delicate fabric, it will wear out quickly.

Different washer settings have different labels, such as gentle/mild/harsh/normal/delicate, and so on. As a result, before you dry clean your clothes, you must be careful to understand the meaning of these labels. It is also a good idea to check your clothing labels to see if there are any manufacturer’s instructions.

Is the appropriate detergent being used?

Another reason that clothes lose their lustre is that they are not washed or dry cleaned with the proper detergent. When drycleaners use the proper detergent, your clothes will last longer and look better. It is important to note that laundry detergents come in a variety of varieties. Some detergents are safe to use on delicate or sensitive fabrics. Some are designed for tough fabrics while others are not.

Because powdered detergents are generally harsh on fabrics, you should use liquid detergent instead. It is important to note, however, that some detergents are derived from plants. And there are several types available that are suitable for almost any fabric. Make sure you do your homework and keep an eye out for customer reviews.

If you’ve tried washing your clothes yourself and had poor results, it might be time to try a professional laundry service.

Check the labels – or hire a professional dry cleaner in Austin

Detergent labels provide detailed information on how to use the product and which types of clothing it should be used on. It’s essential to follow the care directions on the label when washing at home. However, there is one benefit to employing a professional garment care service: clothing label laws do not require clothing labels to disclose every potential way to clean; instead, they are only needed to list one acceptable technique to clean. If your dry cleaner has a lot of experience, they can go above and beyond the clothing label to manage a difficult or complicated garment. If the directions appear to be exceedingly complicated and beyond your capabilities, you should enlist the help of an expert.
Before washing, make sure your garments are inside out.

A dry cleaning technique that is sometimes overlooked is turning your items inside out before washing. Before putting your garments in the water, make sure they are turned inside out. The spinning action of the dry cleaning machine can sometimes affect the wear and tear on your clothes. As a result, it is preferable if the interiors of your clothes are the recipients rather than the exteriors.

Furthermore, washing clothes with buttons and other fashion embellishments inside out is a good approach to ensure they don’t fall out.

Unless otherwise specified, wash with cold water.
It is important to note that using hot water to wash your clothes is extremely harmful because it causes clothes to fade faster than usual. Hot water is usually appropriate for gardening and camping wear, soiled sheets, and so on.

Aside from these, it is best to wash all of your clothes in cold water because it has no effect. Your fabric’s threads will remain intact, and the fabric’s strength will not be compromised.

Get A Laundry Mesh Bag

Mesh laundry bags act as a barrier between the materials inside and the other objects in the washing. The bags are made of a tough and porous polyester mesh material that allows soap lather and water to pass through. It also blocks the passage of other particles.

All you have to do to utilise a laundry mesh bag is put your clothing inside and close it with the zipper or closure mechanism. After that, toss the bag in the laundry.

Mesh laundry bags are great for safeguarding delicate clothes while they are being washed. Your garments will never be damaged while inside the bag, which is especially important if you are doing bulk laundry with multiple items.

Purchase long-lasting fabrics

Taking the time to examine the fabrics on each garment you want to buy is an underappreciated dry cleaning tip. Choosing a long-lasting fabric saves you the stress and worry of your garment ageing prematurely.

A piece of long-lasting fabric will keep its aesthetic appeal for a long time. Such fabrics require little care to keep their new appearance, and you will spend less time trying to keep them that way.


It’s crucial to remember that how your garments are handled influences its long-term use after reading this article’s washing and dry cleaning instructions. For the greatest results, visit Howdy cleaners if you are confused about how to apply some of these dry cleaning suggestions.

Tips For Dry-Cleaned Clothing Storage

You probably make space for seasonal apparel a couple of times a year where you can store your dry-cleaned garments properly if you want them to be ready to wear when the time comes. Let’s look at some storage ideas to assist you to keep your dry-cleaned clothes safe.

Before Storing, Connect With A Dry Cleaner In Austin

You should never keep filthy clothes in your closet. For starters, stains and odours can develop during storage, making it more difficult to clean when the garment is prepared to be worn again. Insects may also be attracted to the stains and odours. Thus, due to an insect infection, you can end up with some kind of holes in your garments. As a result, to freshen up your wardrobe at the end of the season, contact a professional dry cleaner in Austin. You’ll be able to store it after you get it back.

Select A Storage Area That Is Temperature-Controlled

The next step to consider is the space where you’ll keep your clothes. While you might want to store your clothes in the loft, unless it’s insulated and climate-controlled, that’s not a good idea. Instead, select a temperature-controlled location. Also, choose a dark location so your apparel isn’t exposed to UV radiation.

Many people keep their clothes under their beds or in a separate closet. If you have a guest bedroom, for example, you can utilise that closet to store your seasonal clothing. Then, whether it’s winter or summer, your apparel will be protected.

What To Hang vs. What To Fold

You must sort your clothes to determine what should be hung and what should be folded. Make sure to fold clothing that is readily stretchable. Sweaters and knits are included.

Clothing that is prone to creases, on the other hand, should be hung. The clothes will be wrinkle-free after being delivered by a dry cleaning service, and you can keep them that way by hanging them on hangers. Dresses, suits, dress shirts, and blouses fall within this category.

Folded Clothes Storage

Some people prefer to store folded clothing in cardboard boxes. However, because cardboard attracts pests, you may find yourself with an infestation after your clothes are taken out of storage. Cardboard also does not keep moisture out. As a result, if you store your clothes in a cardboard box, a leak could damage them.

Rather, opt for plastic containers. Then, between each folded item, place acid-free tissue paper. Place one garment on top of the other, but don’t overfill the container. You should allow your garment to breathe. Also, layer the heavier clothes on the bottom and the lighter ones on top. This will also allow the clothes to breathe while they are being stored.

Using Hangers To Store Clothes

After that, you’ll need to hang your clothes. For your clothes, use hefty wooden or padded hangers. To safeguard the items once they’ve been hung on hangers, place them in garment bags. Plastic clothes bags should be avoided. Plastic prevents your clothes from breathing. Cotton clothes bags should be used instead. The material will keep your clothes protected while allowing air to flow.

Label Your Clothes

If you’re storing a lot of clothes, labelling the containers before putting them away is a good idea. You won’t have to rummage through boxes to find something if you need something.

Assume you’re having an abnormally cool day in the spring and want to wear a sweater. You’ll know precisely where it is with labels, so you’ll only have to go through one box instead of five or six.

Label the outside of the boxes using a marker or make labels with a label maker.

You could also wish to mark the garment bags in addition to the boxes. Make a note on each garment bag to keep track of what’s inside. You won’t have to hoist bag after bag in search of your belongings. You won’t have to bother about securing the outfits on hooks while searching for the items you require.

Cedar Blocks Can Help You Protect Your Clothes

People used mothballs to protect their clothing in storage back in the day. Many others, however, have abandoned this habit. To begin with, mothballs are poisonous, posing a risk to children and pets. They also have an unpleasant odour. Putting on clothing that smells like mothballs is the last thing you want to do. That’s simply the way to make a decent first appearance.

Place cedar blocks in the storage space instead. These blocks will keep bugs at bay while also assisting in the freshening of your clothing. Season after season, you can use the same cedar blocks, but they must be sanded and re-oiled to keep their effectiveness. To get the most out of the cedar blocks, do this at least once every three years.

What About Gowns For Weddings

Wedding gowns are unlike any other piece of clothing. To begin, you should take your gown to a wedding gown preservation firm. The firm will then handle the dry washing and storage of your wedding gown. The gown will be returned to you in a box for storage. You’ll want to keep it away from direct sunlight and in a temperature-controlled environment.

Begin By Utilising A Dry Cleaning Delivery Service

A local dry cleaner in Austin, can handle everything from wedding dresses to business attire. Begin by going to the website and entering your zip code. Then you may find out how much dry cleaning pickup and delivery will cost. You’ll be amazed at how reasonable everything is. You don’t have to pay for pickup or delivery, which is one of the reasons the service is so inexpensive. Because this service is free, you can save a lot of money.

After you schedule your service, the Howdy cleaners will clean your clothes and return them to you. Then, using these tips, you can store your dry-cleaned items so that they are ready for the next season.

Why to Choose Dry Cleaners to Clean Your Business Shirts?

All of us want to dress up best and look good whether going to the office or official meetings. And wearing well-cleaned business shirt makes your appearance positive and professional. Being a professional, we completely understand how much busy the life of a corporate professional is? Tight time schedules, meetings on every other day, travelling for business meetings, etc, keep you so occupied. On weekend, you want to relax, relax and just relax.

The important and necessary thing that as a professional is must for you is to get well dressed up, no matters how busy you are? But to take care of your business shirts is not as much as easy task if you are a professional with a busy schedule. If this is so, leave all this on us. We, Howdy Cleaners, provide you with dry cleaning services in Austin, TX, US. If you are looking for the best dry cleaners near me, we are eager to provide you with our services. We provide you with pick up service and delivery to your home. This is a completely hassle-free service. You just need to contact us and give us time to pick the clothes as per your feasibility.

You may think of cleaning your business shirts at home but wait. First check the care tag, if it is dry clean only, go for it if you want to keep your business shirt wearable for longer, brighter, and crisp. This is another reason to choose the dry clean service provider. Moreover, cleaning and pressing at home may not be as effective as a dry clean service is. Home pressing may lead to creases at the wrong places that could make your impression down.

When you have stains on your business shirt, it is again time to search for the best dry clean services. If you are looking for a reliable and best laundry service, just contact us. We will be at your place at anytime (24X7).Dry cleaning has the ability to dissolve oils and grease with advanced techniques that water cannot. Any type of stain can be removed with dry cleaning. By adopting the right dry cleaning services, your shirt can look brand new again.

Good dry cleaners use advanced technologies and skills, therefore, dry cleaning keeps your shirt’s brightness as such, protects color and softness. In addition to this, dry cleaning is gentler than common cleaning methods used at home. Regular dry cleaning of your favorite business shirts increases durability. It is important that your formals look wrinkle-free, new, crisp, and with creases in the right places. Our special pressing tools, maintain all these qualities in your formals.

These are the main reasons due to those many professionals choose laundry services. If you are among those who are looking for laundry services near me in Austin, TX, United States, we are happy to provide our services.

What Makes Howdy Cleaners The Best Dry Cleaner In Austin?

You will find many dry clean service providers near you, but all are the best service providers, we cannot say this without knowing about their services in detail. We, Howdy Cleaners, are based in Austin, TX, US and assure you to provide you with the best services. If you are looking for the best dry cleaning service near me, then you have landed at the right place. There are many reasons for saying us best, some of those we are listing below so that you can choose us with complete faith in us.

Free app is here for you
You just need to install our app, schedule the free pick-up, and we will deliver all dry cleaned clothing at your doorstep just in two days.

Cost-effective service
A full list of dry cleaning service prices is present here. We provide you with a bag, and you have to fill it and enjoy dry clean service for this bag for $30.A special offer for downloading the app on iOS or Android is there, you will get $20 off on your first load.

Services for a wide range of products
We provide our customers with dry cleaning services for a wide range of fabrics including but not limited to winter bedding, blankets, heavy drapes, and thick sofa wraps.

Washing using professional dry cleaners
Our laundry services use professional dry cleaners equipped with high technology. These dry cleaners allow us to set the specific options as per the type of clothing and also remove stains effectively. Therefore, tough stains can be removed and you can wear your favorite clothes again.

High cleaning quality
The simple way we can suggest you check our cleaning quality is to test us yourself. We guarantee this will be your last search for the best dry clean service near me.

Easily accessible
We work 24X7. You can easily see that many laundry service providers work within business hours. Second, we give the flexibility of choosing time as per your schedule. Third, we do not charge for shipping.

Well organized services
It is seen common that a cleaner loses or damages your belongings, though unintentionally. At Howdy Cleaners, we guarantee you that there is theleast chance that any of your belongings go missing or damaged during the dry cleaning process.

Provide you with a test cleaning service
We suggest you take a free trial of our services. Before giving us more expensive suits or wedding gowns, you can check how we operate?

Use of eco-friendly techniques
We use wet cleaning and liquid CO2 cleaning that are considered highly efficient approaches. Wet cleaning is a non-toxicprofessional cleaning method without the use of hazardous chemicals, therefore, no hazardous waste is produced, and no air, soil or water pollution is caused.

If you are facing difficulty in choosing the most suitable dry cleaners in Austin, you can approach us, and take our free trial service. We hope this will help you to take the right decision.