10 Tips For Choosing The Right Dry Cleaning Company

In recent times, your apparels depend on your lifestyle, and you may need steady access to a dry cleaner, particularly if you are working in an office that has a dress code or often have to hang out for occasions that demand formal outfits. Finding a reliable dry cleaner in your area should not be taken lightly. After all, you’re entrusting your clothing to the cleaners, which costs money and, in the end, may impact how you look and feel every day.

Finding the best dry cleaner in Austin will not only save you money, but it will also be one of your finest wardrobe investments. High-quality clothing is expensive, and we want it to last as long as possible. That will only happen if the clothing is properly washed each time. When you discover a dependable cleaner who does both wet and dry cleaning, you’ve found your finest garment care partner. This is the reason you need to choose the best dry cleaner in your area that not only meets your budget but demands too.

You can find many alternatives but it will be wise to go for a professional dry cleaner using Eco – friendly dry cleaning methods.  Eco-friendly dry cleaning does not use any water. The majority of dry cleaners clean your garments with a very hazardous chemical that is considered a hazardous air pollutant. It’s called as perc or perchloroethylene, which is used by a number of dry cleaners across the globe.

Here, in this write-up, we have concurrently put a few tips that you should contemplate when choosing the best dry cleaner nearby.

#1. Cleaning Quality

The most vital aspect to consider when looking for a cleaner in your area is if the cleaner can give you high-quality, professional cleaning. The simplest method to determine this is to test the cleaner for yourself. If you do decide to do so, you should start small and simply give a few clothing pieces that are reasonably easy to launder, such as dress shirts. This way, you’re not jeopardising your entire wardrobe.

Otherwise, we suggest conducting research about the dry cleaner to see how long they have been in business and what their patrons have to say about them. Customers may submit reviews and share photographs on sites like Yelp!, giving you a taste of what the service is like at the potential dry cleaner.

Moreover, the right dry cleaners also have a website where they furnish an overview of their background as well as justifications as to why they are the suitable eco- friendly dry cleaner for you.

At Howdy Cleaners, we being the best dry cleaners in Austin have decades of cleaning experience. We have been providing high-quality cleaning for many years and understand what it takes. Another strategy to determine whether a dry cleaner can give you high-quality dry cleaning is to probe them.

You can, for example, bring in an item that you know would require special care and attention, such as a formal gown with embellishments, and ask the dry cleaners how they would manage the cleaning procedure. You will have a better grasp of the cleaner’s knowledge and will be able to evaluate if they can offer you with excellent cleaning service that you can rely on.

#2. Accessibility

Locating the best dry cleaner in Austin that is accessible for you and your calendar is one another vital factor that you should consider. Many dry cleaners only operate within business hours. If you do find a cleaner near you, you may have to deal with parking issues or a lack thereof. However, because most of us work throughout the day, this schedule creates issues for most of us. Spending valuable minutes before or after work to drive to the dry cleaners is also a waste of time.

You must also find out whether any dry cleaner around you provides a shipping service. If they do, they might only deliver during the day, which is inconvenient if you work, or they might only deliver within a specific radius.

#3. Damage Policies

Accidents happen and they even happen to the best of us, including professional dry cleaners. If your next cleaner unintentionally loses or damages your belongings, it’s critical to understand how that cleaner will handle the matter and what your rights as a client are.

At Howdy Cleaners, we have the best guarantee on the market. In the improbable chance that any cloth goes missing or is damaged during the cleaning process.

#4. Additional Services

You never know what you might need in the future, even if you are in the market for dry cleaning now. Finding a cleaner near you who does more than just dry cleaning is beneficial since it saves you time from having to seek for another cleaner and may even save you money depending on the sort of service you want.

It is rare for dry cleaners to provide laundry services, but you may be fortunate enough to live near one that does both.

Another reason why Howdy Cleaners is a leader in the clothing care industry is that we offer a variety of services including Wash & Fold and dry cleaning.

Most of our dry cleaning clientele turn Wash & Fold clients, and vice versa. You may want the services of a multipurpose cleaner in ahead, so choosing one now rather than later will save you time in the long run.

Given what has happened as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, you might already be considering this. Door-to-door services are more crucial than ever before. Howdy Cleaners will remain a market leader by providing door-to-door delivery to people who require it.

Choosing a dry cleaning near you shouldn’t be dependent just on the cleaner’s closeness to your house; it’s a decision that should consider everything from cost to convenience, experience, and quality.

#5. Look For Someone Local

There are chain dry cleaning firms, just as there are in the hospitality industry. These are useful for brand awareness but not always for much else. Chain cleaners are run by executives who are more concerned with financial margins than with your community, and they can seldom provide the same level of service as a local firm.

Look for the best dry cleaner in Austin with years of experience in catering to your region, and one who has established a reputation for quality and a passion for their work. Because, when you are gazing around for the right dry cleaner in Austin for your costly dresses and delicate belongings, you must be cautious about making any blind choice.

#6. Seek Out Reviews

Word-of-mouth plays a vital role in every industry. Even when a dry cleaner consistently delivers excellent customer service, word spreads quickly. Online review sites aren’t ideal, but they’re a good place to start if you want to hear from former clients. Personal recommendations are also useful – ask your friends and relatives who they have had good experience with in the past!

#7. Consider Their Specializations

There are many dry cleaners out there, but not all of them have the same level of expertise and understanding. Many may advertise that they expertise in one or more services, such as bridal gown repair or leather care, and this is typically a solid indication that they can handle any unique needs you may have. You don’t want your beloved gown “cleaned” by someone who doesn’t know the difference between organza and velvet!

If you’re choosing a cleaner that doesn’t expressly specialise in what you require, that’s not always a bad thing; nevertheless, before handing over your garment, inquire about their relevant experience.

#8. Get a Test-Cleaning

We typically suggest a type of trial run once you’ve identified an accessible location that appears to meet your quality criteria. Before giving over your more expensive suits or gowns, you may check how the cleaner operates on something a bit less precious (or sentimental). Tablecloths, winter jackets, and the like are frequently excellent choices. After all, there is space for error in dry cleaning, and there are some items that simply cannot be risked.

#9. Ask About The Average Cost 
Inquire about the cost of a gown, suit, pants, or pullover. Also, if there is a different charge for a man’s suit vs a woman’s suit?

#10. Enquire About Pick-Up and Delivery?

Time is valuable, and it may be worth it to spend a little more for the service of pick-up and delivery to make your life easier. Enquire about the service area and whether it is convenient for your work and home schedules.

Wrapping Up 

With the overture of eco-friendly dry cleaning techniques, dry cleaning is gradually becoming more biodegradable. When it comes to eco-friendly dry cleaning, wet cleaning and liquid CO2 cleaning are highly efficient approaches. Wet cleaning is a non-toxic, professional cleaning method since no hazardous chemicals are used, no hazardous waste is generated, no air is contaminated, and no soil or water is contaminated.

Choosing the best and the most suitable dry cleaners in Austin can be difficult. Considering the above mentioned tips can help you select the perfect dry cleaners that best suit your needs and requirements.



Traditional Vs. Eco-friendly Dry Cleaning

When it comes to the dry cleaning, you have endless choices depending upon your local area and kind of services you need. One such choice is to pick one between traditional and eco-friendly dry cleaning. Before we come to a conclusion, we would like to introduce you the differences between the traditional and the eco-friendly dry cleaning. Once you go through the few things below, you will have a clear idea.

Chemical Used
The traditional dry cleaners use toxic and the perc chemicals which can put people at health risks. Exposure to these chemicals can lead to several health problems or in worst cases it can cause cancer as well. It does not stop here. These chemicals can pollute the air we breathe and also enter the water supply – that puts all of us at risk. Furthermore, perks stays on clothes and when you pick them, it might attack you are your family as well. You could end up with the same health problems as dry cleaning employees just by taking your clothes home.

On the other hand, eco-friendly dry cleaners use eco-friendly products which are safe for people and the dry cleaning employees. So, eco-friendly dry cleaners will make sure you are free from the diseases and also getting the world class dry cleaning services.

Softness after the Cleaning
When you use the traditional dry cleaning, your clothing will be bit stiff and scratchy because of the chemical used during the dry cleaning. As a result of this, you might not enjoy when wearing them. On the other hand, eco-friendly dry cleaning is effective and get you the best results. It doesn’t make clothes uncomfortable to wear. You can expect your clothing to feel soft when you get it back.

Energy Efficiency at the Facilities
Dry cleaning companies following the traditional methods don’t care much about the environment as they are using the toxic cleaning products affecting the environment. So, it is obvious that they won’t spend time to make their dry cleaning facility energy efficient. Fortunately, you can expect an energy-efficient service with eco-friendly dry cleaning. They are constantly looking for new ways to make their facilities more energy-efficient and doing lots of research on how they can do so.

Cost Comparison
You will also notice a huge difference when it comes to the cost. Traditional dry cleaners charge a huge amount because toxic chemicals are expensive. On the other hand, eco-friendly dry cleaning products are affordable and you can save your hard earned money.

Be the one who makes a huge impact on the environment by using an eco-friendly dry cleaning service, so place your order today.

Why you should always use professional dry cleaners?

Now, after the Covid restrictions, things are back to the normal. So, people might be falling behind their house chores once again – cooking, cleaning and worst of all is doing laundry. So, if you don’t want to do the laundry by yourself, you should always opt for the professional dry cleaners as they have the right equipment and experience that could help maintain the quality and condition of your clothes and other fabrics. If you’ve got a jam-packed life, investing in dry cleaning could be the smartest decisions you can make. Your clothes will look and feel great, and you’ll end up saving money in the long run. We’ve compiled some reasons why you should start using a professional laundry and dry cleaning service today.

Saving Time

Getting your garments professionally cleaned can help them last longer and make sure they look fine at all times. It’s always great when you know you have the professionals to take care of your garments and all you need to do is to give them a call and they will be on your doorstep. It is great to have somewhere where you can drop off your dirty laundry to take that weight off your shoulders. Most of the restaurants and hotels use professional dry cleaning services because of the time shortage. If you are a kind of busy person who doesn’t have a minute in a day, you should find a professional dry cleaner.


There are lots of heavy items that we don’t like to do at any cost. Using professional dry cleaners in Austin means you can schedule a pick up through your phone or their website and make sure the heavy items are as good as new in no time. They will have the resources and machines to handle your heavy laundry items. All of your favorite necessities will be returned to you cleaned and pressed when you need them.

Professional results

We all know that we can not do the laundry as good as a professional. A professional dry cleaner will make sure you get the professional cleaning and a top-notch service. Their sales staff will make sure you have peace of mind when you leave your dirty laundry for pickup and expect them delivered on time and packed nicely and carefully. You will be relaxed to know that your laundry is in great hands.

Close Attention

You may have a lot on your mind and not notice if something is slightly off about your favorite clothing items. A professional dry cleaner will notice each problem in your items and ask if you want them repaired. In the end, this will save you time, money, and embarrassment. Your job is simply to drop off your clothes and pick them up a few days later.

Don’t stop looking and feeling your best now. If you’re ready to start getting the best dry cleaning services in Austin, schedule a pick up today.

Why Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning Is The Best Option?

There are factors that affect your decision while choosing the dry cleaners that fit your needs. The reasons could be anything from the quality of the service to location and pricing. Professional laundry and dry cleaning services today continue to improve in order to maintain the standards while reducing our impact on the planet. Among all the other factors, it is equally important to keep the environmental impact of the dry cleaning in mind and always opt for someone who offers eco-friendly dry cleaning services. We all should focus on promoting the eco-friendly dry cleaners that use non-toxic products for the environment and the health of the workers. Respecting the earth and the people should always be a goal of every business as change can come with every small decision you make.


Eco-friendly dry cleaning is different

Some dry cleaning companies are still using the chemicals that come with potential health risks to you and your family. This thing will encourage you enough to look out for a dry cleaner who offers environment friendly dry cleaning. Our eco-friendly dry cleaning process uses special biodegradable detergents and fresh water to clean almost all garments that can be dry cleaned. Depending on the number and type of items, our computerized washing machines control the amount of water, soap, and agitation each load receives.


Why does eco-friendly dry cleaning matter?

The health and safety of our families is at the forefront of all of our minds. If you know a dry cleaner is not using the eco-friendly cleaning method, you should consider switching to another dry cleaner. At Howdy Cleaners, we try our best to make all of our activities as eco-friendly as possible. Unlike many traditional dry cleaners, the bags in which we return your clothes to you are both reusable and recyclable.


It conserves water

Unlike laundry, dry cleaning doesn’t use water. In the absence of chemicals and less water, it’s clear that you are benefiting the environment when you use eco-friendly dry cleaning services.


Keeps Your Clothing in Excellent Condition

You want only the best for your dry cleaning, which is another reason you should choose an organic dry cleaner. Chemicals can damage clothing over time, so this one is also one of the great reasons to choose the eco-friendly dry cleaners.


So, if you are looking for eco-friendly dry cleaners in Austin, Howdy Cleaners is your ideal choice.

How to Choose the Best Laundry Service for You

If you are looking for laundry services near you, you are probably looking to solve a common problem – that one chore that takes up too much time and hassle (i.e., your dry cleaning). Rather than spending time doing your own laundry – you could have someone else tackle this nuisance for you and end up with perfectly clean, fresh-smelling clothes. But, there are so many laundry services in Austin, so how do you choose the right one? There are a few important things that might help you make an informed decision.

This one would obviously be on top of the list. When you are choosing a laundry service provider, you would want to look at how much it will cost. Just like our everyday life, you want to know how can you save the money and time. Always look out for someone who is affordable and offer you the pick-up and delivery options for you laundry services. You can save time and money both. However, do not make selection on this factor alone, as some may provide subpar service or bad service at all. Some might be more expensive than others, wherein they provide much better services than their competitors.

Look for Professionalism
You can tell when you’re dealing with a business you can trust. Do they show up on time each and every time? Do they put a lot of care into cleaning and folding your clothing? Do they offer additional services? These are all details that can make or break the deal. Look for a wash and fold laundry service that’s professionals.

Pick-up and Delivery Option
When you are hiring a laundry service, you want to minimize your work load and focus more on the things you would like to do. However, if you are to take your laundry and go back again to collect it, you will not be relieved of all that work. So, it is really important to consider someone who can offer you with a pick-up and delivery service at your door steps whenever you need it. It will enable you to fully enjoy the convenience that comes with hiring a professional laundry cleaning company. You will be able to enjoy your time doing the productive things.

Just like any other service, experience plays a huge role in the laundry as well. When choosing a laundry provider, make sure the company has enough experience in the business. Highly experienced company will know what a customer wants from them and will do their best to fulfill the customer needs. They will be able to deliver exceptional results at the end of the day. They obviously know the right method to utilize in cleaning the clothes, types of detergent to use and some other special care that the fabrics need.

Howdy Cleaners: The Ideal Solution
To make your decision an easy one, consider Howdy Cleaners. Rather than wasting your time in research, you can be sure that every one of the above factors is ticked off on your list with our premium laundry service. We are affordable and convenient, and it will make life easier for you by taking one more chore off your to-do list.

All You Need to Know About Dry Cleaning Delivery

Dry Cleaning Delivery and laundry pick-up and delivery are playing a major role in the modern day life. Just a couple of clicks or a phone call can help you enjoy high-quality dry cleaning or laundry services without leaving your home. This especially helps when the world is fighting against the deadly Coronavirus. It helps you save time and avoid crowds while still ensuring your clothing and household laundry items get the deep cleaning they require. Howdy Cleaners are the leader in providing delivery services for non-toxic laundry and dry cleaning in Austin TX. We use a wet cleaning process that is gentler than handwashing and effective on a full range of garments Because we want you to look your very best, we strive to be the best and the #1 cleaners in Austin, TX. So, why spend part of your week getting your laundry and dry cleaning done?

What is Dry Cleaning Delivery?

Howdy’s dry cleaning delivery allows you to get your laundry done without leaving the house. Our dry cleaner will pick up your items, clean and launder them, and then deliver them back to your home or office. Our dry cleaning services are available for a range of items and you check the pricing and complete details by browsing our website.

The Benefits of Dry Cleaning Delivery

  • Save Time & Money
  • Scheduling pickup and delivery through Howdy means there’s no need to leave your house. We will pick up your items and deliver them back to you free.

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Our dry cleaners use the most environmentally friendly dry cleaning process.

  • Convenient Options That Fit Your Dry Cleaning Needs
  • Schedule a one-off dry cleaning pickup and delivery as needed, or choose a recurring schedule for regular laundry pickup services. You can choose the timing that works best for you.

  • Quality Guarantee
  • We are best quality dry cleaners in Austin.

Get Your Dry Cleaning Delivered at the Office or at Home

Howdy is all about convenience. If it’s more convenient to pick up and drop off your dry cleaning at the office or at your workplace, we will handle it all. This service really works well for one who is busy all day along. Make it easier on yourself by scheduling pickup and delivery right from your desk. Leave your clothes at the reception desk for quick, convenient pickup and delivery. We can also pick up from and deliver to your home – even when you’re at work.

Never Do Laundry Again

Our dry cleaning delivery service in Austin can streamline and simplify your life. If you need the reliability of a dry cleaning and laundry delivery service, look no further. Our team of Howdy Cleaners is your true friend – and we’re standing by to serve you. Contact us today to learn more about our dry cleaning delivery service.

How Does Wash & Fold Laundry Work

We are in the bustling universe of perpetual work. Everything is timely bound. Perhaps the most apparent feature of getting dressed is to offer warm temperature and protection. For experts, working in professional environments, impeccable clean looks absolutely necessary. Imagine if you switch up to an important meeting in the workplace carrying a creased suit. Does it make a good impression?? Not at all.

By looking adequate consistently, you can open entryways you never thought existed. Believe it or not, the washing alone isn’t sufficient to make your garments look new, flawless and classy. Howdy Cleaners is everywhere, at your service. We ensure that fabrics are washed in the best way.

Howdy Cleaners service is a huge pressure reliever in today’s rapid running lives of working class people. It saves the individual’s time and relieves their pressure with a purpose to pay attention nicely to their work.

Ironing the garments, though, will reap the aim through putting off all of the wrinkles and giving your shirts, trousers and attire a greater state-of-the-art appearance. This method can have an effect on the material for great enhancement.Have you observed that ironed garments have a particular clean aroma?

Howdy Cleaners provides you with an eco-friendly laundry service.

Nowadays, there are many fresheners you may place in the iron and intensify the aroma of your freshly washed garments.

Running out of free time???

Howdy Cleaner offers solutions for you.

Let’s see how Howdy Cleaners does wash and fold laundry work.

1. Keep all your filthy garments into a bag.

2. Schedule a home pickup using our app.

3. Enter your order in our point of sale system.

4. Next, we will separate your garments.

5. Into the washing machine they go ! We never mix up the clothes of other customers. It is 100% clean and transparent with all major detergents, fabric softeners, stain removers and antiseptics.

6. The fabric is then dried in our most advanced dryers (trouser dryer, bench press,steam dryer).

7. The dried garments are then folded.

8. Packed in your very own wash and fold bag.We provide you with one convertible eco-friendly Laundry/Garment bag.

9. Now your garments are geared up to be delivered back to you.

Your order will be ready in 2 business days. We pick up and deliver your laundry straight to your door!

Doing laundry has never been easier.

Enjoy a stress-free weekend with Howdy Cleaners !

How to use our app !!!

With the handy app ,Howdy Cleaners takes laundry to a whole new level.With a couple of taps, we will be at your doorstep.

How to book

• Select the laundry service you might require.

• Schedule the date and time of pick-up and delivery

• Add your address.check out and and you’re done !

Redefining Laundry, Howdy Cleaners !!!