Caring for Your Woolens in the New Year’s Eve Celebration Time

It is the festival time, time to start fresh with the New Year celebrations. To take care of your woolens, it is the perfect time. When it comes to managing wool laundry, a lot can go wrong. The way to avoid any mishaps that your routine washing machine might cause, is dry cleaning wool by the Best Dry Cleaners in Austin. Plus, learning how to clean your woolen items properly will keep those in good condition. Howdy Cleaners, the Best Dry Cleaners in Austin, are here to help you out for both points.

Howdy Cleaners Best Tips to Keep Wool in Good and Original Condition

To keep your woolen fabric in good condition, we recommend:

  • Storing them with unbuttoned or zipped closures
  • Emptying the pockets before storing them
  • Remove any accessories to avoid the woolen fabric from bulging or sagging
  • If you decide to wash your woolen item, do not dry wool under direct sunlight or heat sources, as they could become yellow, can shrink, and may cause damage to the wool fibers
  • Woolen blankets are recommended to be cleaned, folded and kept in a breathable storage container, put that container in a cool and dark place.
  • Lay the woolen fabric flat in its natural form.
  • For woven woolen items like overcoats and jackets, brush the wool using a soft garment brush to remove grime or dirt.
  • Hang the woolen jackets on coat hangers, and gently fold the knitted garments and store in drawers.

Woolens and Need of Dry Cleaning

What do you do cleaning in your normal routine washing? Put all your clothes together in washing machines with harsh detergents, but not all fabric can bear this. Fabrics like wool, if washed in a washing machine at home are at risk of shrinking, fading, or losing their shape. The dry cleaning process is a gentle cleaning process. Dry cleaning woolen fabric enables us to have a more careful approach. By using an eco-friendly and gentler dry cleaning approach, we could avoid compromising woolen quality, which frequently causes shape distortion.

Do not Compromise the Quality of Wool – Go for Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning reduces the wear and tear of woolen items that could be caused after washing in a washing machine. When you choose the Best Dry Cleaners in Austin and bring in your woolen fabric to be dry cleaned to us, we ensure that delicacy and care is taken with all clothing that they deserve. Moreover, it is not easy to get time for your laundry during this busy celebration time.

Dry cleaning is so delicate and regular dry cleaning might help retain the wool’s liveliness for years. Before initiating the dry-cleaning process, our professionals spend the time to pre-treat your woolen clothing. Our team carefully looks for stains and treats them to make their removal easier. This is one of our practices that list us on the top in the list of Best Dry Cleaners in Austin.

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