Does Your Clothing Smell Bad? Know How to Turn Those to Good Smelling!!

Have you ever analyzed why clothes smell bad even after not wearing those for longer or just after washing? Reasons could be any, but it is sufficient to put you off your mood. Howdy Cleaners are going to provide some hacks to keep your clothes smelling fresh. We have been providing best dry cleaning services for many years and are listed in the list of best dry cleaning services providers in the city.

During Washing Cycle

One of the main causes of bad smell in the clothes is the moist conditions of the washer. To prevent your fabric from any damage and keep it clean, set your relative wash cycles based on the frequency you put on your clothes. When washing your fabric, you can opt for essential oils and scented detergents. Take out all your stuff from the washer without a delay as soon as the set wash cycle is complete.

During Drying Cycle

Allow to dry your clothes properly in the open air or in a hot dryer. Make sure the fabric is completely dry before you place them in the cupboard. Otherwise, your clothes will become prone to mildew attack. While drying, you can also use a few drops of essential oils or fragrant dryer sheets. Moreover, it is necessary to clean your dryer after regular intervals.

While Storing

When you place your clothing in your closet, keep a few scented sachets along with the fabric. If you do not have scented sachets, you can use a few drops of essential oil on a clean fabric or take scented cotton balls and place them in your wardrobe.

During Organizing

The big mistake that many of you make most of the time is putting your used and washed clothes in a single closet together. The bad smell from the used clothes may have an impact on the freshness of the clean clothes and results in all your clean clothes smelling bad too. Always separate your dirty clothes from the clean clothing. Plus, when your clothing is damp, avoid putting them in your laundry basket.

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