Dry Cleaner Decides to Make Entire Dry Cleaning Process Chemical Free

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Howdy Cleaners truly opts for wet cleaning also called eco-friendly cleaning. Howdy Cleaners is one the best dry cleaners in Austin who go for opting wet cleaning now. This decision will have many more benefits for society, their employees, and nature in the future.

“Opting for the eco-friendly cleaning that would be beneficial to society as well as for society, Howdy Cleaners now will try to become a frontrunner in executing eco-friendly cleaning techniques and showcase the entire process with demos, so, there will be a huge learning chance for our peers”, said Director at Howdy Cleaners.

Perc is still in use at many places and as a traditional dry-cleaning chemical that is associated with brain, kidney and liver damage. Even it has been classified as a human carcinogen that means it could lead to many types of cancers. It is released in water bodies too and causes toxicity in water.

“I am extremely happy that I invested money in this opportunity. That is for the good and safety of my employees’ health, and for the well-being of the entire society.” said the Director at Howdy Cleaners. He further adds “I made this decision based on the practicality that I understood and saw what is happening with the use of chemicals in the industry. This encouraged and motivated me to invest money in this and for sure, I will continue to motivate my peers too for opting wet cleaning rather than dry cleaning. We are already prepared and have worked on wet cleaning operations and our machinery.”

“We hope that step taken by Howdy Cleaners will encourage other dry cleaners to shift from chemical dry cleaning to eco-friendly cleaning technology and to educate Austin state policymakers on the use of perc vs wet cleaning by dry cleaners.” Further added by Director at Howdy Cleaners.

Howdy Cleaners have some plans to hold demonstration events to showcase their eco-friendly technology to other dry cleaners in the city in the coming years. We will disclose soon when we will fix the timings.

About Howdy Cleaners

We are best dry cleaners in Austin and believe in the welfare of society by opting environmentally friendly and most advanced techniques called wet cleaning. We recognize that we as a good human being have a commitment for protecting the environment and for that reason we are determined to maintain an environmental awareness approach by actively looking for opportunities, not only looking, but opting for those opportunities too, wherever possible, to reduce our environmental footprint. Our primary philosophies for doing business are 1) complete satisfaction of our clients 2) keeping nature protection on priority 3) to take care of the well-being of the society. We do not just say, rather we practice our philosophy in our work, business, in our pick-up and delivery part, and all other business phases.

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