Dry Cleaning and Restoration of Wool Blanket – A guide from Howdy Cleaners

There is one thing that you will find in most of the homes for winters, it is a wool blanket. They keep us all cozy on chilled nights, cover us in our sofa naps, and beautify the easy chair. ‘

You probably wash your wool blankets, comforters, and other blankets in the conventional washing machine in order to make them clean and get rid of dust mites. However, evidence shows that dry cleaning is a better choice for blanket and other bedding items. Dry cleaned blankets retain not only a brand new appearance but the process also makes them dust mites- and germs-free.

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Why Should Not Use Washing Machine for Cleaning Wool Blanket

Even if you use cold water and select a delicate cycle, it will never be a good idea to clean a wool blanket in your washing machine at home. Machine washing weakens the wool fibers, and that could lead to some sort of damage. You can wash a wool blanket using mild detergent and cold water with your hands, though it is not an easy task to handle a heavy blanket. All these methods could also lead to shrinking of your wool blanket. Using the cold water for cleaning prevents the blanket from shrinking, but it also flops to get the blanket as clean as it is supposed to be.

Prevent Shrinking the Blanket with Dry Cleaning

It is very difficult to get blankets dry while setting the heat at low temperature in a conventional dryer. Hanging blankets outside for drying on an old-patterned clothesline may take many days for thoroughly drying the blanket, which makes the material vulnerable to catch mold and other microbes, and also leave a foul smell on the blanket. All these problems can be solved with choosing the best dry cleaning service.

Dry Cleaning Gets Your Blanket Cleaner

  • Your conventional washing machine cannot be strong enough to handle and clean your blanket, especially heavy blankets, the way it washes your clothes. Even the drain cycle could face a hard time getting rid of the dirty water.
  • Your blanket is possibly dirtier than you imagine. All that snuggling leaves skin oils and dead skin on your blanket. That attracts more dust, even if those are not visible to you.

Summer is the best time to give your wool/other blankets and duvets the care and love that they deserve. Let our professional dry cleaning experts carefully clean them so your wool blanket remains as soft and fluffy as it is. We offer various cleaning and clothing care services at Howdy Cleaners. Most of our customers come to us due to their trust in our quality services. We are eager to welcome you also in our Howdy Cleaners family.

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