Evolution of Dry Cleaning Over the Years

If you love to find out the origin of things, then this blog of Howdy Cleaners, providing the Best Dry Cleaning Services in Austin, is for you to answer your queries on when, how and why?

Dry cleaning came into origin in the 1600s and at that time, it was based on chemical solvents. With time, many evolutions came to the industry and in the 1800s the use of non-chemical based solvents started to become the practice.Still, today, few dry cleaners are providing eco-friendly Best Dry Cleaning Services in Austin and Howdy Cleaners are among those few.

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Origin over Years

  • You will wonder to know that true dry cleaning was serendipity which means it was discovered by chance in the late 1800s when a kerosene lamp was dropped on the linen table cloth. The name of the person who observed it was Jean-Baptiste Jolly.
  • Till the 19th century, industrialists and inventors were experimenting with gasoline and kerosene-based cleaning.
  • Dry cleaning the clothes with highly inflammable liquid was not a good idea at all. Another American dry cleaner, Wiliam Joseph Stoddard, discovered the first non-gasoline-based solvent for dry cleaning.
  • A prominent chemist, Michael Faraday, discovered perchloroethylene also known as “Perc” the favorite solvent of dry cleaners for 80 years.

Is Perchloroethylene Safe for You?

While perchloroethylene is considered safer than most chemicals used by dry cleaners in the past, the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States is functioning to omit the solvent out of the industry. Thoughthe Agency makes sure that wearing the clothes treated with Percare not harmful to the body, it can be harmful to animals and plants if accidently get released into the environment. Additionally, it has been also noted that regular exposure to Perc to the workers in the industry may cause health issues with the nervous system and can cause many diseases like Parkinson’s disease.

When is Perchloroethylene Used in Dry Cleaning Process

The washing procedure varies from dry cleaners to dry cleaners. Generally, stains are pretreated manually using Perc by the workers and put into the machine. The machine agitates the clothes and adds the solvents as it goes, cycles the solution in the machine and a filter as the fabric is agitated. Temperature is controlled typically at around 30 degreesCelsius. Next, the clothes are either dried in the same machine or moved to a separate machine by the workers. During the drying cycle, the temperature is increased to about 60 degrees Celsius, which aids the chemicals to evaporate from the fabricfaster,this temperature is still low enough to avoidthe damage of clothes. In last, around 99.9% of the chemicals are removed from the dry cleaned fabric.

Even though many dry cleaners in Austin are still using Perc, Howdy Cleaners knows the effect of Perc on our atmosphere. That is why we adopted eco-friendly solvents to clean your fabric and that makes our listing under Best Dry Cleaning Services in Austin. Our Best Dry Cleaning Services in Austin are above and over the rest of the dry cleaners because we have experienced professionals skilled in the different techniques of dry cleaning all types of clothes.

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