Five Facts about Laundry that are Weird but Interesting

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Do you hate Laundry? It is a regular job that never ends and just one day you do it and another day to start this job again. Anyway, we do it, though most of us only do it because it is cheaper than purchasing new clothes.

Though, laundry is easy nowadays due to the presence of the best Laundromat in the markets. And the plus is, they are providing home delivery laundry services.

But just because doing laundry at home is a boring, boring and boring job, does not mean that the history of laundry and facts around it are also boring, rather they are interesting. Below are 5 fascinating facts about your laundry.

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Grime Equal to a Candy Bar on Our Clothes

Though wise, we are horrible creatures. Among grease, sweat, grime and other things, the average load of laundry weighing 8 Lbs carry about 53 grams of grime on average and is that significant enough? Well, that is equal to the weight of an average candy bar. (Yes, you’re nasty).

“Thor” Was the Name of First Electric Washing Machine

In 1907, it was invented by Hurley Electric Laundry Equipment Company that was based in Chicago. Thank the company for such great developments in Laundry. Otherwise, the laundry chore would be much worse and we would have no easy option to do it.

You Sweat Much More Than You Think

In a day, you sweat approximately one liter of sweat on average, can you even imagine? And more wonder is that it is excluding being active or extreme weather. Naturally, that gets all over your bed sheets and clothes. Yes, you also sweat in while sleeping. So you require taking care that laundry just carries on with your body demands.

It Used To Be So Much Worse

Laundry is not “Hard labor”that most of us would consider and unlike the same level of hard physical stress like a work of construction. Though, it was not always that way easy. It used to be hard work. You cannot even imagine that during the United States Civil War, Laundress was getting more salary than the soldiers. And more shocking is each of the soldiers had to pay a portion of their pay to her.

No Laundry in Space

The laundry gods have blessed the space dwellers. Okay, that is just a part of the joke. Space dwellers do not do laundry but the reason is not that they use ultra Febreze or special spray. The reason is that the dirty garments are ejected and burnt. In order to safeguard cargo weight and space, the astronauts have instructions to put on their garments for multiple days in a line. Underwear should be put on for as many as seven days. It is as odd and bad as it sounds because astronauts also have to exercise regularly in order to prevent muscular dystrophy, a disease.

Laundry is an important and necessary part of our lives, for better. And it has been made much easier by more and more developments. Now with the help of the best Laundromat near you, you just have to opt for their home delivery laundry services. And if you opt for home delivery laundry services, life could be better and soon you may find your homes to be free of one of your boulders.

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