How Can You Prevent Fabric Shrinkage? Some Tips from Howdy Cleaners

There are many ways you can help control shrinkage. One of the major: Read the care labels carefully attached on the clothes and follow those instructions. Sure, it is irritating to have to fish under your shirt to search out how to wash that, but the instructions on a care label are there for a cause. They are designed for a purpose with the type of fabric in mind, so if the label indicates you to only air dry or skip hot water or dry clean only, you need to be careful and follow what is being written there on the label.

Many times when your favourite fabric shrunk, you might have thought that it would be best if you handed it over to the professionals listed among the best dry cleaners list, you could have been prevented from getting your cloth shrunk. So, in this blog we are going to tell you “How to Prevent Cloth Shrinking?”.

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Ways to Prevent Fabric Shrinkage

Like there are several reasons for shrinkage, there are also several tricks to prevent it.

  • Wash the fabric once and check to see if it shrinks. If it does, go for hand washing instead of putting the fabric in the washing machine. Because if you go for washing it in the machine again, your fabric could ruin.
  • A good idea is to read care labels before you purchase a fabric. If you are going to shop for a garment made from natural fabrics like wool, cotton, or linen, pay attention to the care labels that say the garment as “pre-shrunk.” What does this mean? This means the garment is shrunk before the garment is sewn together, so you can be assured that it will shrink less for the time it remains in your closet.
  • If you are pretty much sure that the fabric you purchased is going to shrink, use a clothesline to dry it. That way, you can prevent putting any extra water or heat on it. So, let the wind take care of fabric wrinkles. Adding hot water and keeping it in the dryer, will cause its shrinkage further. Instead, use steam iron in the crannies and nooks, on the back, as well as the cuffs and collar.
  • If you have a garment that has shrunk to the extent that you are not interested in even ironing it, try to soak it in cold water and let it be there for 10-15 minutes. That will loosen it up and make it easier to stretch out and get rid of wrinkles.
  • If your fabric is an acrylic or fleece, try cold water for washing and drying it on low temperature.
  • Of course, many times this happens that a garment has shrunk to a great extent and you just need to throw it away. The only solution then is, do not make the mistakes you did in the past.
  • If you are not sure about how a garment will react to the first wash, a good idea is to opt for a cold rinse.


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