How Does a Professional Dry Cleaners Work?

The majority of individuals have no clue how dry cleaning works; all they know is that their clothes go in unclean and come out sparkling clean, looking nice, and smelling fresh.

Some people believe that dry cleaning is some sort of sorcery, which is understandable given that it is a process that cleans your clothing without putting them in a washing machine or using any liquid to remove dirt and filth.

So, how exactly does a professional dry cleaner work? Let’s look at one of life’s greatest puzzles.

The first thing you’ll notice is that dry cleaning isn’t really dry! Yes, this is correct. Are you amazed?

While the dry cleaning technique does not utilize water to remove dirt, it is not completely dry. A professional Dry cleaner in Austin employs the use of specialized liquid chemicals to remove dirt and stains from your clothing’s fibers.

Most dry cleaners used to use chemicals called tetrachloroethylene to clean garments, but these were petroleum-based and very combustible. Dry cleaners are now using greener, more ecologically friendly cleaning methods that are healthier for the environment, the health of the dry cleaning crew, and do not pose a fire danger.

How Does The Process Work?

When you send off your garments to be dry-cleaned, our crew at Howdy Cleaners will label them with your name. We will then evaluate your clothing for any damage, such as holes, missing buttons, or tears. We will also look for any stains that may require a little extra attention to remove, such as red wine.

If you point out any especially troubling stains that you want us to remove, we will pre-treat the spots before dry cleaning the clothing. The stains or stubborn dirt will be cleaned using a water-based cleaner for wet stains and a solvent-based cleaner for oil or greasy stains.

We will pre-treat and blot the stains to let the dry cleaning chemicals work more effectively throughout the cleaning procedure. It might assist to attract our attention to any stains and identify the source so that we can pre-treat them as efficiently as possible.

The Dry Cleaning Process

Following any pre-treatments, your garments are placed in a huge cleaning machine that is comparable to – but much larger than – a washing machine. The machine is filled with water-free cleaning solvents, and your clothing is swished about to allow the textiles to absorb the cleaning solution as well as break up and remove dirt and stains from the fibers.

The dry cleaning machine works similar to a regular washing machine, except that the combination of the dry cleaning solution and the beating of your clothing against the drum works to remove dust.

Since the dry cleaning technique works particularly well on oil or grease-based stains, it is excellent for removing filth and dirt off shirt collars, which is why our shirt service is so popular. Unlike a conventional washing machine, a new dry cleaning solution is constantly filtering through your garments while they are in the dry cleaning machine. The dirt in your garments is filtered out, and when the procedure is completed, the dry cleaning staff will clean the filter and dispose of the collected dirt. This is how a professional dry cleaner works.