How to Remove Stubborn Oil Stains from Clothes

Your clothing is not ruined if you have spilled your morning tea on it, had pen leakage in your pocket or splashed oil while cooking. Howdy Cleaners, the Best Dry Cleaners in Austin, are here to remove most stubborn stains, provided you act speedily and tell us about the existence of those stains.

Oil stains on your clothing may be incredibly annoying because they are so rigid to remove. As per Experts of Dry Cleaning in Austin, oil stains are typically solid or semi-solid at room temperature that increases the chances of sticking those stains to fabric. Warm water is essential to work against this matter. However, you may be unaware of the fact that warm water is not friendly for many synthetic delicate fabric types.

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Hacks from Howdy Cleaners to Remove Stains

Now we are going to tell you some emergency solutions for removal of stains at home when you cannot go to a dry cleaner immediately.

  • Whatever the type of stain, collect these items: cotton swabs, soft cloth, paper towel, and water in a small bucket.
  • Blot a liquid stain by pressing on the impacted area gently and apply a stain removal agent available at your home, some of these agents are baking soda, dishwashing detergent, vinegar or even corn starch.
  • For set-in stains, scrape them using a spoon and pour detergent on the affected area. Then, gently rub the area. This process is repeated until you get the desired result.

Need of Professionals to Remove Stubborn Oil Stains

For many of you, oil stains are devastating unless they reach a Best Dry Cleaners in Austin. While dry cleaning by professionals is the most reliable source to get rid of these oil stains, the situation is not as easy to handle as you believe. There are some techniques used by the professionals to remove oil stains in order to preserve the feel and look of clothing. However, you may need to keep some points in your mind before handing over the clothes with stains to the dry cleaners.

  • If you are dealing with the stains of coffee, tea, vegetables or grass, Howdy Cleaners are able to remove it very effectively. Keep in mind always that beverages, cold or hot, stains can be harder to remove, so ask for immediate treatment.
  • Sweating is a natural process, but stains of sweat can be very distressing, just not for your social image, but for your favorite shirt as well. Howdy Cleaners provides much-needed relief to you using protein-based agents efficiently in combination with some other agents.

Stains of oil are nearly impossible to remove at home with detergents used in routine. Since the dry cleaning process is able to dissolve grease stains, it removes grease and oil stains significantly. Make sure wet cleaning methods are not used by dry cleaners to remove these stains because treatment with water of greasy stains may tarnish the fabric.

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Therefore, if the said hacks do not work for you at home, it is time to consult Experts of Dry Cleaning in Austin. At Howdy Cleaners, our professionals use efficient methods to remove the stain without causing damage or fading the fabric.

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