How To Social Distance At Your Local Dry Cleaning In Austin

Normal life has changed considerably, even down to routine things like washing laundry, as hundreds of cities and states have advised inhabitants to stay at home and conduct rigorous cleaning to avoid spreading COVID-19.

If you need to use a laundry services Austin to wash your clothes, follow the social distancing rules to keep you and your loved ones safe. Everyone should know by now that staying at least six feet away from individuals you don’t live with is a good idea.

If you don’t have availability of a washer and dryer, public health experts recommend to go for a dry cleaner in Austin, sending your laundry to be cleaned, or hand washing items at home as safely as possible. And, whether or not they have a washer and dryer, there are tactics that anyone can use to carefully handle and thoroughly disinfect the laundry. We at Howdy Cleaners, continue to keep a close check on the COVID-19 outbreak and how it impacts laundry workers and guests at Howdy Cleaners. Rest assured that laundry services in AUSTIN are taking every measure to safeguard the safety of both our employees and our visitors.

If you plan on using your DRY CLEANING IN AUSTIN during the pandemic, here are some recommendations on how to keep yourself safe by socially separating.

Socially Distancing at Laundry Services Austin
Choose a laundry machine that is not near other people.
Most dry cleaners will advise you on when to use which machines and when to use them so that there is enough space between each client. You may help by doing your laundry during non-peak hours. To avoid crowds, go to the laundromat early in the morning or late at night.

Spend as little time as possible at the dry cleaner in Austin
It’s time to streamline your washing procedure if you haven’t already. Use large machines to get all of your clothes done faster and spend as little time as possible at the dry cleaners in Austin. Sort your belongings in advance and soak any stains. Better yet, arrange for a pick-up and delivery service and leave it to the pros.

Put on a mask and gloves if you’re going to be outside
Even if you can successfully exercise social distancing, you should still put on a mask to protect yourself and others. Gloves are also a good idea because you’ll be contacting a lot of surfaces that have already been touched by other individuals. Please properly dispose of the gloves so that the laundromat staff does not have to deal with potentially hazardous garbage.

Your washing basket should be clean
Clean and disinfect your hamper and laundry basket once you’ve put your laundry away. If you use a laundry bag, keep one for filthy items and another for clean clothes.

Howdy Cleaners is open and eager to assist you. We have you covered in these tough times, whether you need to utilise our large machines for a speedier clean, a drop-off laundry service, or a laundry delivery service. To make your journey to the laundromat as safe as possible, we have helpful personnel on hand, as well as sanitizer and cleaning goods, as well as contactless payments. For more information, go here.