How to Take Care of Your Pillow Covers?

Pillow Cover

If you think your laundry contains only the things you wear, then you are wrong. Laundry comprises many more things including curtains, table clothes, cushion covers, bed sheets, pillow covers, and much more. You can do your laundry at home easily, but when it is about heavier ones, it can be a scary task for you. In that case, you can take help from the best laundry service provider. Pillows are the much needed things in your bedroom to take rest and add to the aesthetics of your room.

Howdy Cleaners, the best laundry service provider in your city, is going to provide you some tips on how the care your pillows:

Tips for Washing Your Pillow Covers with Hand

Many things you need to take care of are there when you are going to wash your pillow covers by hand. Some pillow covers made up of delicate fabrics need to be washed with hands only.

  • Use slight warm water, but check for the fabric first.
  • To scrub off the stains or dirt using a sponge, use mild detergents only.
  • While rinsing the pillow covers, replace the dirty water with clean water many times to wash off the detergent completely.
  • Before drying, squeeze the pillow cover delicately.
  • Dry your pillow cover in a place that is well-ventilated and before hanging them for drying make them inside out.

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Tips for Washing Your Pillow Covers in Machine

When the fabric is silk, cotton polyester, or linen, it is suitable to wash your pillow covers in the machine.

  • Use cold water with a temperature below 40oC. Avoid using hard water as it may lead to color fading.
  • Before putting the pillow cover in the machine, make them inside out to avoid color fading. If you have doubt that your pillow cover may bleed color, you can check with the patch test by soaking the corner of the pillow in water and see whether it bleeds or not. If it bleeds you need to take help from the best dry cleaners near you.
  • Sort the pillow covers according to the colors.
  • Set the machine cycle gentle or delicate

The main thing you need to take care of is reading the instruction tag before going for any type of washing. Most good quality pillow covers have an instruction tag that can help you a lot. If you require any help getting your pillow covers washed, download the Howdy Cleaners App and you could access the best laundry service provider.

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