Howdy’s Basic FAQ on Troubleshooting of Your Dryer

You still might be doing certain things that may be impacting your dryer while doing your laundry at home even after you know how to use a dryer?

Howdy Cleaners has compiled the common queries that we come across in our day to day life on the dryer’s functioning, so now you will get a solution to all your doubts from the best dry cleaners in Austin.

Question 1: Can I Use the Same Cycle for All Types of Clothes?

Selection of the cycle depends upon the type of fabric, so to make the things easy it is important to sort your clothing before putting them in the dryer. The reason is – some fabrics need mild drying cycles while some fabric needs a heavy drying cycle. When done in another way, your fabric could come out wrinkled or shrunken. We advise you to look into the machine owner’s manual and see there for the proper drying cycles needed for specific fabrics. If you are not sure, hand over your stuff to the best dry cleaners near you.

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Question 2: Am I Overloading My Dryer? How Do I Know?

When you put laundry beyond the limit in your dryer, your dryer may get overheated, increase the dry cycle’s duration, cause wrinkles in clothes, and many more unwanted things. You need to fill the drum up to 75% of the dryer’s capacity; this will allow cool and easy movement of the stuff in it and ensure proper air flow into the clothing.

Question 3: Can I Use Fabric Softeners and Dryer Sheets and Together?

Fabric softeners and dryer sheets contain surfactants that cover the inner side of the dryer drum. These surfactants tend to choke the drum of your dryer, moisture sensors, lint screen, and vent systems. It is highly recommended not to use these together, instead use one or another.

Question 4: Do I Need to Clean the Lint Screen After I Use the Machine Every Time?

Build-up of lint on your lint screen may prevent sufficient air flow in the machine. If it is left as it is, it increases the duration of dry cycles, sticks the lint on other fabric, overheats your dryer, or even may cause a risk of fire. So, it is good to refer to the owner’s manual as your dryer might not be the same as the others.

We hope you got answers to all your questions that come to your mind usually. Howdy Cleaners provides a professional laundry service, therefore offering the best laundry services in Austin. You just need to download our Laundry Mobile App and take advantage of our most affordable laundry prices in Austin.

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