Is There a Need to Wash Your Bed Sheets Before Using for the First Time?

When you buy a new bed sheet set, you feel tempted to just put those beautiful sheets on your bed and get into sleep without cleaning them. These bed sheets are brand new, have a crispy look and are ready to throw on the bed. Then, you may question, do you wash them first? Our short answer is — yes, you need to wash them before using. Or you need to look for a Best Laundry Service in Austin.

Why There is Need?

Now the question is – Why?

There is a good healthy reason actually to wash new sheets, not only the new sheet, as well as other clothing or fabric, before you use them for the first time.

The bed sheets you buy from the market are gone with the handling by many people, not all are hygienic of those. The factories where bed sheets are manufactured are dusty and dirty, and use a lot of dyes and harmful chemicals like propane, formaldehyde, and butane that could irritate skin, airways, and eyes especially for those having sensitive skin or are allergic. It may not sound cozy, but it is the reality of factory manufactured items.

To regain the cleanliness that your bed sheets deserve and possible to you, spin them in the washing machine in a gentle cycle with soft detergents before putting those on your bed. Wash your pillow covers too. Rather, anything that you buy new and going to contact your skin — wash it before first use. It is not like washing sheets before use is a must, but it is a recommendation if you love hygiene and want clean, fresh bed sheets. If you feel that washing them at home yourself is not safe, consider a Best Laundry Service in Austin with hassle-free pickup and delivery service for your sheets.

Way to Wash New Bed Sheets for the First Time

You need to check the care label of instructions on how to wash bed sheets, if you decide to wash your sheets and other items that you bought new yourself. It is preferred to wash dark colored bed sheets in cold water, and if these are cotton blended sheets or 100% cotton bed sheets with similar colors you can use lukewarm water. Follow the care instructions and avoid damaging your new bed sheets.

Here are a few tips from Howdy Cleaners:

  • Fabric softener is good choice to soften the bed sheets before use
  • You can add a half cup of vinegar and one cup of baking soda to water that you are going to use for washing you bed sheet for better results
  • If you have skin allergy problems, use mild detergent
  • To reduce static, toss in a dryer sheet

We hope that the tips we have provided you on how to wash your bed sheets before use are helpful for you! Howdy Cleaners is an award-winning dry-cleaning company well known for our Best Laundry Services in Austin. We welcome you to enter in the list of our clients who have trusted us for years.

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