Keep the Allergens Outside With Dry Cleaning at Howdy Cleaners

If you are allergic to anything, you would be pretty much aware that there is no cure for allergy, the only method to get rid of allergens is avoiding allergens. Here are some tips from Howdy Cleaners to keep your house allergen free. We have been listed among the Best Dry Cleaners in Austin and are here to confirm that your search for Best Dry Cleaners near Me stops here.

In addition to providing valuable dry cleaning services to our clients we also believe in guiding them with best laundry tips.

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Go for Anti-Allergen Bedding

If you suffer from allergy it is good to buy anti-allergen bedding. Anti-allergen bedding could work in two types based on what type of bedding you buy. Firstly, it could work to trap allergen and dust within your bedding so that allergen could not be disseminated and it irritates your allergens. Second, natural materials keep away allergen and dust so that they cannot be trapped in your bedding. If in the past, you experienced yourself having a difficult time falling asleep due to allergies, anti-allergen bedding is the first choice to have a peaceful sleep.

Wash Your Bedding Frequently

If you are allergic, you need to wash your bedding every 1-2 weeks, but if you suffer from a severe allergy you need to make sure to wash your bedding every week. It is very easy for dust and allergen to become trapped in your bedding and, if not washed every week, it may build up. This may cause more severe allergic symptoms and a disturbance in sleep. For good results, wash your bedding in hot water and wait until it gets completely dry before keeping it back on your bed.

Dry Your Bedding Inside

Though, we encourage you to dry your laundry outside normally, if you have allergy problem do not dry your bedding outside. It is extremely easy for allergen to stick to your clothes, so do not prefer to dry your bedding outside because this will result in an increase of allergen in your bedding. This can lead to increased allergy symptoms and affect your quality of life.

Keep Your Pets Out of Bedroom

If you love pets and have those, try and avoid keeping them in your bedroom. Pets, such as cats and dogs, carry allergens in their hair by rolling in the grass and being outside. If you keep your pet into your bedroom, and especially on your bed, they can transmit allergens to your bedding, triggering your allergy symptoms throughout the night. To get rid of this, adopt every precaution to keep your room allergen free, including keeping the pets out.

Make sure that you are regularly cleaning your clothing as well as bedding. Alternatively, book your Howdy Cleaner’s, the Best Dry Cleaners in Austin, dry cleaning slot now by visiting the Howdy Cleaners’ website or by downloading our free Howdy Cleaners’ app. Our service will ensure you that we are the best solution for your search for Best Dry Cleaners near Me.

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