New dry cleaning service unfurls in Austin with free delivery via easy app

Life’s too short to spend it doing laundry. Especially right now, when we’re all performing extra duties for home, work, and school, the last thing you need to worry about is that never-ending pile of clothes.

That’s where Howdy comes in. The new dry cleaning service is helping Austinites take one giant chore off their plates with affordable dry cleaning and laundry services, all with free pick-up and delivery.

Here’s how it works:

You download the free app and schedule the free pick-up and delivery for all dry cleaning, laundry, and specialty cleaning needs.

Howdy then sends a truck to pick up your clothing. In only two business days, you have your clean and ready-to-wear clothes back.

You can see a full list of dry cleaning prices here, and for wash-and-fold it’s simple: Howdy will provide you with a bag, and they’ll clean however much you can stuff into it for $30.

Even better, if you download the Howdy app now on iOS or Android you’ll get $20 off your first load. Think of all the time you just gained back.