The Risk Of DIY Dry Cleaning

Have you spotted the DIY dry cleaning kits that are nowadays coming off in stores around the country? These kits claim to take care of your dry cleaning needs from the convenience of your own home. The marketing is convincing enough to make you want to attempt DIY dry cleaning, but don’t do it just yet. DIY dry cleaning isn’t everything it’s made up to be.

In reality, there are some risks to be aware of before attempting to dry clean your own clothes. When you consider the risks, you’ll realize that hiring a dry cleaner in Austin is the best option.

DIY Dry Cleaning Can Damage Fabrics
Dry-clean-only garments must be handled with care. Unfortunately, DIY dry cleaning kits aren’t all that gentle on fabrics. If you dry clean your own clothes, you risk damaging the fabric, forcing you to toss items you adore. This is a significant risk, so it is preferable to use professional dry cleaning services instead.

Fabric Might Shrink
You don’t have to worry about your clothes shrinking when you use a dry cleaning delivery service. Professional dry cleaners take extra precautions to keep the fabric in pristine condition. However, this is not always the case with DIY dry cleaning kits. Many people have complained about their clothes shrinking after doing their own dry cleaning.

Your clothes will not fit properly if they shrink. They may or may not fit at all. You can avoid this by hiring a professional rather than attempting this task on your own. Headaches and migraines can be triggered by the strong odour.

Odourless Clothes
Laundry cleaning services in Austin leave clothes fresh and clean, with no strong odours. Unfortunately, DIY dry cleaning kits have a bad reputation for leaving unpleasant odours. The odours are unpleasant for everyone, but it’s especially so for those who suffer from migraines or headaches.

Migraines can be triggered by strong scents in persons who are prone to them. If you fall into this category, you might get a migraine every time you wear garments that have been dry cleaned at home. The strong smells may trigger headaches even if you don’t experience migraines. When you can employ a dry cleaning delivery service for your items, it’s not worth the risk.

Body Odors Might Remain on the Fabric
Consider putting on a freshly dry cleaned garment only to discover it stinks of body odour. Unfortunately, this is what many people have to deal with after using DIY dry cleaning kits. While these kits do help to refresh garments to some extent, they frequently leave some unpleasant odours behind. This can include musty odours as well as sweat odours in the underarm area. If you have to wear the garment, this can be quite embarrassing. Thankfully, a dry cleaning in Austin will eliminate all odours. When you get your garments professionally dry cleaned, you won’t have to worry about people smelling them.

Cause Stains To Set Into Fabric
Some stains can be removed with at-home dry cleaning kits. They are, however, ineffective against oil-based and difficult-to-treat stains. If you try to dry clean stained clothes at home, the oil or grime may become embedded in the fabric, making the stains more difficult to remove. Using a laundry service in Austin is a simple way to ensure that the stains are professionally removed and that you do not have to get ribbing.

Create More Stains
DIY dry cleaning kits have been known to leave stains on previously unstained garments. Some people complete the procedure at home, only to discover dark stains on the fabric. Some users were able to remove the new stains, while others were forced to discard the garments. You adore your dry-clean-only clothes, so this isn’t a risk you’re willing to take.

You may also wind up wasting money if you dry clean your clothes at home because you will have to replace items in your closet.

Avoid These Issues With a Professional Dry Cleaner In Austin

As you can see, dry cleaning your clothes yourself does not guarantee quality. It makes sense to utilise a professional dry cleaning service if you want fresh, clean garments that keep their shape.

You are not even required to drop off the clothing. Instead, arrange for a laundry cleaner in Austin to handle everything for you. The valet will pick up your clothes from your home or office, rush them to the facility, and then deliver them to you when they are finished. When you use this service, you can save time and money because you won’t have to worry about replacing the garments.