Tips From Howdy Cleaners to Get Rid of Ink Stain from Your Clothes

It is a common point and most of us experienced a pen breakage once or many times. And that spilling of ink onto your favourite shirt is very disturbing. Are you thinking of throwing your shirt away though? No, do not do that and contact the best dry cleaners who are able to help you get rid of this situation. So, this way you can remove an ink stain easily. Even it becomes easier if you could find the type of ink. Some inks are easy to remove using common household products. So, some types require special care, while some ink stains require a professional treatment from a professional dry-cleaner.

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Solutions to Remove Ink Stains


  • Place the stained fabric into a deep bowl
  • Dip it in milk
  • Leave it overnight
  • Wash as per the usual garment directions

If the stain is of water-based ink, then use the following. This is the most effective method for a fresh stain. The longer you take to put the salt onto the stain, the less effective the method.

  • Take the table salt
  • Cover the ink stain with the salt
  • Gently cover with a white paper towel
  • Shake off the salt
  • Repeat as process until the stain is disappeared

Alcohol-based hairspray helps to liquefy the ink. Mostly, lower the cost of the hairspray, the higher the alcohol content. Ideally, you need a higher alcohol level to work with. You need to spray directly on the stain and soak it completely with hairspray and then rub it gently.

Hand-sanitizer has sufficient and high alcohol levels. It is best to dissolve the ink effectively. Spray/apply the sanitizer on the stain area and rub gently.

Nail Polish Remover
Nail polish remover comprises acetone. It is an effective method for removing stains from natural fibres and synthetics. Never use acetone on acetate fabric. You should always check your garment’s label for fabric ingredients. You may continue only if the garment is colorfast. It is advised not to apply nail polish remover if any fabric may lose colour.

Alcohol and vinegar
An equal mix of vinegar and rubbing alcohol in combination with salt is one of the effective methods of getting rid of the last remaining bits of ink.

Corn starch in combination with Vinegar

  1. Soak the stained area of fabric in the vinegar
  2. Leave it at least for 5 minutes
  3. Mix 2 parts of vinegar and 3 parts of corn starch
  4. Make thick paste missing it properly
  5. Apply the paste to the affected area
  6. Rub fabric gently using your fingers or you can use a soft toothbrush
  7. Leave it until it dry completely
  8. Wash it using a hottest water temperature in your washer

Note, all above methods that we have suggested may not be appropriate for the fabric that is prone to lose its colour. You can approach the best dry cleaners in your area.

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