Tips to Use of Chlorine Bleach at Home Safely

Sometimes you need to use chlorine bleach to remove difficult stains, odors that won’t go away, or heavy-duty disinfecting. However, the challenge is to use it correctly. Howdy Cleaners, the Best Dry Cleaners in Austin, in this blog, is going to provide you with the best tips to use chlorine bleach when cleaning your clothes.

Use of bleach at the correct time

To get the right outcomes, you need to first add detergent in water, put in on the fabric, and wash for 5 minutes. Then add bleach in the water. This will produce the best result because using bleach too early detergent effectiveness. Let it on the fabric for about 15 seconds into the water to ensure the bleach is thoroughly mixed.

Use the accurate amount

It is highly important to add the right amount of bleach. Adding a high amount could not only prevent fabric from being washed properly but also might ruin your clothes. Howdy Cleaners recommends using half cup of bleach, in a full wash. However, based on the brand, the bleach type you are using, and the amount of the wash, the amount of bleach required could vary. It is advised to read the instructions on the container.

Handle with care

Bleach is a highly strong chemical and can harm your skin if it comes in direct contact for longer and not removed quickly. If bleach contacts directly with your hands while measuring or pouring, you need to stop your task and wash it off first with soap – you should not wait until you have finished your task. Additionally, make sure bleach is stored and handled in a good ventilated area. You need to close the bottle caps firmly when you are not pouring bleach from it actively. A chlorine bleach fumes made while using it could also lead to many health problems.

Only use it on strong clothes

Since chlorine bleach is a very strong chemical, it could ruin delicate clothing such as silk. Use it on strong material, such as cotton t-shirts and towels. Cloths that could not tolerate bleach would be clearly labeled with “Do not bleach”. If you are not sure whether a piece of clothing is strong enough to stand up with chlorine bleach, you need to check the label.

Never mix with other bleach

You need to be extra careful while using bleach at home and avoid mixing chlorine bleach with any other bleach or other cleaners. This may lead to a chemical reaction causing a deadly odorless gas. You should only add bleach + detergent + water to make a wash and, of course, your fabric.

Take Help from a professional

With years of experience, Howdy Cleaners has their name in the list of Best Dry Cleaners in Austin. We are skilled in using any type of bleach to get the best outcomes removing stains, whitening clothes, or getting rid of odors. Just bring your fabric to us and let us know the result you want for your fabric and we will look for the rest.

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