Top 3 Laundry Secrets to Keep Your Fabric Fresh and Brand New

While you might spill tea on your t-shirt or snag your favorite trouser on something sharp, the most frequent reason for not keeping fabric as looking brand new is your wrong way of washing. We bet many times you have seen a nice polo shrink in the dryer at home, or washed a dry clean only sweater at home accidentally.

To increase the life of fabric, some extra efforts are essential when cleaning and drying your clothes. So, we, the Laundry Service Providers in Austin, are providing some healthy tips to make your clothes look brand new. Our Best Laundry Service in Austin, gives you a chance not to do extra efforts at home, just you hand over your task to us.

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Correct Washer Setting

Whether it is a dress, or office shirt, most fabric should be washed using the appropriate machine setting, usually harsh settings are avoided and gentle or delicate is the best choice, but at the same time “how dirty your clothes are?” is the point to be kept in your mind. Using a delicate cycle helps eliminate wear and tear, especially for delicate fibers.

Your pair of jeans is more durable fabric, so you can choose a normal setting. Just be sure you have read the clothing label before putting it in a washer. The easy thing is to use your judgment at best when washing items.

Wash in Soft Cold Water

This is the best when your clothes take a soft bath in soft water. Feels cool! It is as cool as your clothes too. Soft water is free of minerals, more powerful than hard water, and requires less detergent. Stubborn stains can be removed with more ease using soft water. The plus is, using soft water, your clothes stay bright for longer. This is the greatest way to keep your clothes always fresh and looking new.

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Make Your Inside-Out before Putting in a Washer

You will find it rare at any other place that washing your clothes inside-out keeps the clothes looking fresh and new. So, next time when you are going to put them inside the washer, first turn them inside-out. What does this do actually?, prevent any damage on the display side that can happen during the spinning cycle. Also, if you are cleaning something with buttons, beans, and sequins, washing inside-out can prevent them from falling off or coming loose.


Leave everything on us and experience the Best Laundry Service in Austin that will make you realize why we are listed as Laundry Service Providers in Austin. We have a team of professionals who not only provide best-tech services but also guide you in deciding the type of clothes you need to send a Laundromat.

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