Top Reasons for Shrinking of Your Favourite Clothes – Based on the Knowledge of Professionals at Howdy Cleaners

The reasons for shrinking clothes can be different for different type of fabric. Generally, the cotton garments are more likely to shrink. The extent it shrinks is based on many factors.

Many of us are all very much familiar with that feeling of pulling out our favourite garment out of the dryer just to find out how much smaller it is in inches now than before because we are 80% sure, most of the time, that the fabric could shrink. And this is so bad to know that you have ruined your favourite work dress or sweater or that cotton shirt you loved to put on for special occasions, and it might cause you to think instantly something may be up with the machine you are using.

But, blaming your dryer cannot be a solution to get rid of shrinkage. There are actually some other main causes that could make your garments shrink. Being the best dry cleaners, we are going to make you aware about the most common reasons for shrinking clothes.

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Hot water for washing is a big reason

Longer the duration of soaking in hot water, more the chances of shrinkage. So, temperature of the water is one of the factors that affects shrinkage.

Few minutes of time in the washer or dryer prevents the shrinking to a greater extent. The best thumb rule you need to remember is – after 10 minutes of putting the fabric in the wash, it shrinks ~ 1% in each direction. If it remains in the washer for 10 minutes and then in the dryer more 10 minutes, it shrinks ~ 2% in each direction.

Lesser the elasticity of fabric more the chances of shrinkage

If a cloth has high elasticity, like Spandex or Lycra, you need to be relaxed. So next time when you go shopping, keep attention to the cotton amount in a garment, lower the proportion of cotton, and higher the elasticity of the fabric. If the cotton proportion is lower than 70%, it will not shrink in the washer.

If you like a special dress so much and you want to have it in all colours, avoid putting it in the dryer. Instead, hang it in the shady area to dry.

Other factors

Few other factors that come into play for the reason for shrinkage are how many times you wash a fabric and the type of washing machine you are using for washing it. The more frequent you wash the garment, the more the chances of shrinkage. It matters a lot how much hot water you are using the garment every time. If it is not very frequent, the dyes and fibres will not be washed away as quickly, and your fabric will be durable.

The important factor that cannot be ignored is the cycle you are using for a wash, whether gentle or normal cycle or any other.

So this was a scoop on the reasons for shrinking clothes. One thing that you could do to prevent your fabric from shrinking is to approach the best dry cleaners and let them handle the matter.

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