Traditional Vs. Eco-friendly Dry Cleaning

When it comes to the dry cleaning, you have endless choices depending upon your local area and kind of services you need. One such choice is to pick one between traditional and eco-friendly dry cleaning. Before we come to a conclusion, we would like to introduce you the differences between the traditional and the eco-friendly dry cleaning. Once you go through the few things below, you will have a clear idea.

Chemical Used
The traditional dry cleaners use toxic and the perc chemicals which can put people at health risks. Exposure to these chemicals can lead to several health problems or in worst cases it can cause cancer as well. It does not stop here. These chemicals can pollute the air we breathe and also enter the water supply – that puts all of us at risk. Furthermore, perks stays on clothes and when you pick them, it might attack you are your family as well. You could end up with the same health problems as dry cleaning employees just by taking your clothes home.

On the other hand, eco-friendly dry cleaners use eco-friendly products which are safe for people and the dry cleaning employees. So, eco-friendly dry cleaners will make sure you are free from the diseases and also getting the world class dry cleaning services.

Softness after the Cleaning
When you use the traditional dry cleaning, your clothing will be bit stiff and scratchy because of the chemical used during the dry cleaning. As a result of this, you might not enjoy when wearing them. On the other hand, eco-friendly dry cleaning is effective and get you the best results. It doesn’t make clothes uncomfortable to wear. You can expect your clothing to feel soft when you get it back.

Energy Efficiency at the Facilities
Dry cleaning companies following the traditional methods don’t care much about the environment as they are using the toxic cleaning products affecting the environment. So, it is obvious that they won’t spend time to make their dry cleaning facility energy efficient. Fortunately, you can expect an energy-efficient service with eco-friendly dry cleaning. They are constantly looking for new ways to make their facilities more energy-efficient and doing lots of research on how they can do so.

Cost Comparison
You will also notice a huge difference when it comes to the cost. Traditional dry cleaners charge a huge amount because toxic chemicals are expensive. On the other hand, eco-friendly dry cleaning products are affordable and you can save your hard earned money.

Be the one who makes a huge impact on the environment by using an eco-friendly dry cleaning service, so place your order today.