Wash and Fold versus Fluff and Fold. Is There Any Difference?

Wash and fold refers to the basic laundry through a laundry service or dry cleaner where you hand over your clothing items to get them back professionally cleaned. This service is also sometimes called fluff and fold service.

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Is Wash and Fold Outsourcing Required?

Many dry cleaners, like Howdy Cleaners, offer Best Wash and Fold Service on top of our regular dry cleaning services. This laundry service makes you relaxed when you choose to use it on a regular basis, and moreover, it can be incredibly affordable. It is intended to provide you more free time instead of wasting your time on washing clothes.

Laundry could either be a nuisance that you have to handle in order to have to wash your clothes. But, among your professional life, family, friends, and your social life, you may get extra busy. So, when it comes to the household chores, you may feel tempted and more relaxed to outsource your laundry to get some free time.

Is Wash and Fold Different From Dry Cleaning?

Yes, it is different. Unlike dry cleaning, this service involves the use of water and conventional laundry detergents but of good quality to wash machine-washable clothing. Dry cleaning does not use water and uses non-water-based solvents to wash your garments.

Wash and Fold at Howdy Cleaners

So, you are aware now that wash and fold is not like dry cleaning, Howdy Cleaners offer Best Wash and Fold Service in Austin, in addition to other laundry services and dry cleaning services.

Benefits of Outsourcing for Wash and Fold

This service could be quite affordable for you, especially when you hand over your laundry at a Laundromat frequently. We have been providing Best Wash and Fold Service in Austin and we charge per bag that we provide you to fill by Howdy Cleaners, and you will be surprised by how much garments fits into that bag.

There are many other benefits linked to outsourcing wash and fold tasks. This service enables you to get free pick up and delivery of your garments per your convenience, and you can save your time by not spending it on washing, drying, ironing, and folding your garments.

Last but not least, this service provides professional washing results that makes your clothes more durable that is not possible with regular cleaning at home. Our team of specialists has expertise and has been working for years to ensure that each cloth you bring into Howdy Cleaners is clean and fresh.

So, if you are interested in handing over your clothes to get a Best Wash and Fold Service in Austin, trust our experts at Howdy Cleaners. We offer Best Laundry Services in Austin to our customers and many of those have trusted us for years. You can even take advantage of free pickup and delivery service for more convenience. Your satisfaction is our 100% guarantee, so start your wash and fold journey with Howdy Cleaners!

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