We are Providing You a List of Items You Need to Clean in this Spring

Most people clean their home thoroughly in the spring time simply due to a habit or tradition they have settled. When your home is clean, you feel better about yourself and appreciate your stuff more. It is a beautiful chance to open your windows and let the fresh air blow through your home touching you.

Spring is the best time of the year to enjoy the awesome weather and the great outdoors. At the same time, it is also the best time to invite nears and dears over. Either way, no better time is there to clean everything deeply in your home.

Being the best dry cleaner, Howdy Cleaners is sharing important things of your house that you need to clean as soon as possible.

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Those Beautiful Curtains

Curtains catch dust as fly catchers catch flies. They catch dust like if they are meant for that. Sarcastic, but it is true. Mostly you do not even realize how dusty and dirty they are until you give a really close look to them. You need to deep clean your curtains to prevent allergies. Some curtains could be cleaned at home but most need dry cleaning or a huge washing machine than the regular machines at your home. Since curtains are costly, it is best to hand over your curtains for cleaning to the best dry cleaners who are professionals in dry cleaning. What could be the best time to do this job in the whole year than during the spring season?


The walls are the main thing when we think about the most significant parts of your home. People commonly do not include walls on their list of cleaning yet these are vital to the overall cleanliness of your house. A flat dry surface is prone to catch more dirt throughout the year, it is astonishing, though true. Devote your time to clean the walls at least once a year and make your home feel fresher and cleaner.


During the winter period, dust and dirt deposit inside your home, being carried with your shoes, on pets, or on your clothes. Where does this end up? On your carpet and rug! A good vacuum cleaner would take away most of the surface dust and dirt, but over time most of the dust will deposit to the base of your rugs and carpet, which is hard to get rid of with your regular vacuum cleaner.


Since your mattresses are covered by all other bedding items, you could assume that these are clean. But like any other textile, it is covered with sweat, dust, dust mites, and dead skin cells! When removing the covers of your mattresses and sheets for cleaning, do not skip to vacuum the mattresses, deodorize them with baking soda for 1-2 hours, then vacuum off the residual baking soda, and let these in air before putting back the covers.


Nowadays it is easier than before to check off everything on your cleaning list. Howdy Cleaners picks up and delivers your textile right at your doorstep.

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