What is the Right Amount of Detergent For Your Laundry?

Might be, you are not aware that you are using excess detergent per load. Being the best laundry service provider, we are going to give you some tips. Look below and take an idea if you are among the excessive users of detergent:

  • Are there some residues of detergent left on washed fabric?
  • Are your colourful clothes looking faded?
  • Does your white clothes seem grey?
  • Does your high-efficiency washer smell really, really bad or seem musty?
  • Does your clothing feel sticky or soapy?
  • Does the fabric feel scratchy or stiff?

Right Amount of Detergent!

The right amount of detergent you need to use per load of laundry is based on the below factors:

  • Type of washing machine you are using
  • The size of the load
  • The level of dirt or dust on the fabric
  • The hardness of water that is being supplied in your home: hard water or soft water
  • The stated detergent concentration (2X, 4X, or 6X).

In general, use an equal detergent amount you would use for a full load of laundry for heavily stained clothes even if you have pre-soaked those clothes. When clothes are not very dirty and load is light, one teaspoon of powdered or liquid detergent is sufficient per one gallon of water.

Fundamental of Using Detergent in Washer with High Efficiency

  • In top-load or front-load high-efficiency washers, much less water is consumed, so you need to use less detergent. Overdosing may leave traces of detergent in your clean clothes. You should be careful and follow below instructions:
  • If you are being supplied with soft water in your area, use even lesser detergent. If it is hard water, you need to use 25% more detergent per load.
  • For a high-efficiency washer, the right amount of liquid laundry detergent with 2X power is two teaspoons, with 4X power is one teaspoon, and with 10 X power is 1/4 teaspoon an approximately 12-pound weight of laundry.
  • If your clothes are soiled exceptionally, it would be great to pre-soak the load and then put it in the washer, you should avoid adding extra detergent for pre-soaked load.
  • If you use a pre-measured packet, you need to use only one packet per load. You should adhere to label usage instructions.

If you are not in love with doing laundry and the boring process of measuring detergent amounts, you can choose the best laundry service provider around you. The best laundry service provider in your area is the one place solution for all your laundry problems.

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