What Type of Fabric Should I Send For Dry Cleaning?

We, Howdy Cleaners, Best Dry Cleaners in Austin, are going to provide the information on the type of fabric that need to be dry-cleaned. So, keep on reading, if you are curious to know more on what type of fabric can be dry cleaned, and need help from the Best Dry Cleaners in Austin. Unlike the name that indicates “dry”, dry-cleaning is not purely dry. The main thing that is missing from the dry cleaning is Water. So, dry cleaning is done with the help of organic solvent without the use of water.

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Understand the Purpose of Tags on Fabric

Not all type of fabric is created equally, some of those, need extra care. So, washing those with hands or washing machines is not good. When you cut off those itchy tags, take a moment, and understand the purpose of those. They are the guide for laundering your clothes. Generally, a fabric made of cotton, polyester, and spandex can be machine-washed or hand-washed while winter coats, formal, evening wear, and suitsneed to be dry-cleaned.

More about Fabric that Needs to be Dry Cleaned

Silk fabricis made up of natural strong fibers that do not absorb dyes completely used to dye it. Soap washing or simple detergent washing with water does not only lead it to lose its color, but also cause shrinkage and distortion of the fabric. So, to avoid color damage and distortion you should go for dry cleaning.

Linen fabric is extracted from flax. It is quiet compared to cotton and is strong and absorbent. It dries very fast. It can be washed by hand or dried in the air, though requires ironing often because the flax fibers get fresh and better in hot weather. If handled carelessly and incorrectly, the crispiness of fabric goes off and the quality can deteriorate. So, the most ideal solution for this is dry cleaning!

If you avoid dipping woolen clothes in water, you can prevent it from shrinkage and make them durable.

Rayon is made from purified cellulose fibers and it puts off its color when cleaned using warm water. This causes shrinkage of the fabric and loss of actual shape. Hand-washing with cold water and mild detergent may be done, though the safest solution is dry cleaning.

Suede is a superior type of leather primarily made from cow, lambskin, hide, and goat. Suede is costlyand extremely difficult to maintain due to its sensitivity to moisture, light, water-based as well as chemical-based cleaners. Getting the services of professionals who use non-hazardous chemicals makes you feel relaxed that your suede is properly cared for and maintained.

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Still, Have Doubt? Ask Us!

There is no compromise and shortcut when it is about caring and maintaining your clothing made up of sensitive fabrics, so you should choose Best Dry Cleaners in Austin. Reading laundry tags may sometimes be confusing, so we suggest you ask skilled professionals to help you decide which piece of your wardrobe need to be dry cleaned. We, at Howdy Cleaners, are experienced and knowledgeable in using dry cleaning solvents and are experts in keeping your clothes safe. So, if you are looking for Best Dry Cleaners in Austin, you can reach us.

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