When is the Best Time to Launder Linens and Bedding?

Items of linens and bedding should be cleaned at different intervals depending on their condition. Even if there is not a set guideline, there are a few recommended practices by the best laundromat in Austin, the Howdy Cleaners, to keep in mind. And being the best laundromat in Austin and best 24-hour dry cleaners, we invite you to approach us anytime.


How often should you wash your down comforter? If you do not have a duvet to shield it, wash your bedding every one to two months if it has not been soiled. A duvet may be washed a couple of times a year. Consider aspects including the number of people in the bed, the existence of pets, and your sensitivity to irritants while washing your bedding. You can wash the comforter in the washing machine. Your washing machine has to be spacious to accommodate both of them. If you are washing sheets and a comforter at the same time in a smaller machine, you may not get them as clean as if they were done separately. If you are not sure how to handle those, you can look for the best laundromat in Austin.

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Because they are in direct contact with your skin and clothes, it is recommended that you wash your sheets at least once a week to keep bacteria, dust mites, grime, body oils, and allergies at bay. You may also need to wash your sheets every five days if you have dogs or small children, live in a sandier area where more debris is carried into your bed, suffer from dust allergies, and so on. Over-washing is a waste of time; instead, be mindful of your surroundings and the importance (and joy!) of cleanliness.


Due to their ease of cleaning and reduced weight, duvet covers are great for keeping your bedding fresh between washes. Wash your duvet on a regular basis.

Pillow Covers

When it comes to your bed, pillowcases should be the most often washed item. When you sleep, your hair, skin oils, and other particles naturally press into the fibers of the pillowcase. For those with skin conditions like acne or allergies, you should wash your pillowcases at least once every five to seven days.

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