Which is Best: Liquid Detergent, Powder Detergent or Laundry Pod?

Though all the detergents are meant for fight against stains and dirt on the clothes, choosing the form of detergent depends on the type of stain and intensity of the stain. Powder detergents are in use for many years and still being used traditionally without knowing that laundry pod or liquid detergents can be a better choice for effective cleaning.

This blog, we have written based on our personal experience at Howdy Cleaners, as many times our clients ask us for the difference: liquid versus powder detergents. Being the best Laundromat, we take the responsibility of communicating the right information to all of you.

Powder Detergent

  • Better cleaning than soap bars
  • Recyclable packaging
  • More fragrance
  • Can leave traces on the clothing
  • Powder detergent could also leave traces in the drawer that makes the drawers dirty
  • The powder does not dissolve fully most of the time in cold water
  • Carrying big and hefty cartons may be tough

Liquid Detergent

  • It is simple to use
  • Liquid detergents dissolve instantly and forms lesser foam
  • Liquid detergent helps in the removal of stains more easily
  • Liquid detergents help in conservation of water
  • Delicate fabrics can be washed using liquid detergent to avoid any damage to those
  • Cost is higher
  • Easy to over or under dose

Laundry Pods

  • Different technologies of cleaning can be incorporated
  • Lightweight, simple to handle
  • Ideal for the crippled or elderly
  • No measurement is required and that make these quite convenient
  • Because there is no under or over dose, the effects are consistent every time
  • Hazard for pets or small children
  • Priciest choice per load

Powder Versus Liquid Detergent – Cost Comparison

When comparing the cost of liquid versus powder detergent, then powder detergent is cheaper than liquid detergent. But in bigger families, oily & greasy stains on the kids’ clothing is commonly seen and that makes liquid detergent of choice as liquid detergent is more effective in removing stains.

The best Laundromats near you are experts in choosing the right detergent for your clothing. You can leave the decision on them without making any doubt. So, we would be glad to get approached by you and get the opportunity to serve you fresh, fragranced, clean and stain free clothes. Thousands of our customers are connected to us for many years and want to be part of Howdy Cleaners satisfactory clients’ group for longer. We see you next.

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